Friday, 31 October 2008

Brand Quits, Ross Suspended

Good News I say, although I think I would have fired Ross as well.

At least that would have saved the licence fee payers £6 million a year!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Belper v Droylsden Part Deux

....more pics from the match from an equally talented photographer, Tim Harrison. (Usual fee Tim, used notes in a plain brown envelope - next home game!)


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Belper 1 - 2 Droylsden FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round Replay

This (above) somehow didn't result in a goal for Belper Town!
So - the dream is over for another year. On a bitterly cold night, a crowd of 568 saw the team from 2 leagues higher prove to be just a bit too strong for Belper Town.

The picture above was taken by another very good amateur "Snapper" called Mossley Smiffy. (there are a lot of them about at this level of football but Smiffy is one of the best)
The rest of the album is here:-

Smiffy also writes an excellent blog on all things non-league football, real ale and music etc:-

Well worth a look!

Goth murderer's sentence reduced

I honestly don't believe this!!

One of the young thugs who kicked a 20-year old woman to death because they took exception to her dress as a Goth has had his sentence cut by 9 months. His co-accused did not get a reduction so that's alright then!

These sub-human cretins attacked the lady's boyfriend, kicking him unconcious and when she stepped in to try and protect him, they turned on her and actually stamped on her head as she lay on the ground.

The defence barristers appealed on the basis that the original sentencing was too harsh because the "boys" were only young when they committed the offence. They are/were 15 or 16 when they did it.

Although the sentences were technically indefinite, the crazy law in this country insists that a minimum sentence has to be declared at the time of conviction,. They were given minimums of 16 years and so these imbeciles can apply for release in their mid-thirties.

Sadly, the victim's family and boyfriend will not be released from their pain in 16 years.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brand & Ross - what a pair of prats!

I see there is a massive demand for the sacking of Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand after their inane and offensive "prank". Amen to that!
(For my friends overseas who may not know - during a radio show they left obscene messages on 78-year old actor Andrew Sachs' answering machine including claims that Brand had slept with Sachs' grandaughter)

It matters not that Sachs grandaughter performs in a risque burlesque show - the messages were left on Sachs machine and which ever way you look at it, their actions were totally out of order.

Brand has reportedly apologised but added that he still thinks the "prank" was funny!

The BBC (so, indirectly, we the licence fee payers) pay these numptys vast amounts of money when neither has any sort of talent. They are both so far up their own backsides they can see their own tonsils.

Sack them both BBC - and in the case of Ross - don't even consider paying up his £18 million 3-year contract!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Didn't We Have A Luverly Time The Day We Went To Droylsden?

Droylsden 0 - 0 Belper Town. FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round.

The Duchess and I decided to turn our visit to this game to support Belper Town into a bit of a "day out" so we got a train from Sheffield, bus from Piccadilly, Manchester and returned "vice versa." The station in Sheffield looks a lot better since they threw some money at it:-

Turned out to be a good idea on the whole, although the weather wasn't great and if I'd known we'd have to pay 30 pence each for a "pee" at Piccadilly Station, we would have had a leak for free on the train! Wouldn't mind but at that price I expected gold plated taps and efficient hand driers - got neither of those of course!

The game was a good one and a draw probably a fair result. More description can be found on Belper Town's forum:-

This post is more about the journey which, I suppose was reasonably good. It's not that long since I was on a train to Manchester (actually, in April 2008) but the trains in both directions were absolutely packed! We were lucky enough to get seats in both directions and even though it was not a long journey, I felt sorry for those who had to stand. The other noticeable thing was that we were never asked for our tickets. We could have got there and back for "nowt" I reckon! An extra carriage each way might have helped perhaps?

Anyway, we got back home about 7:30 pm which, I guess, isn't that bad! And the rain didn't put that much of a dampener on the day! Looking forward to the replay on Tuesday night now! I'll tell you all about it ASAP!

Now I Reckon I had a Reasonable Education......

... I went to Firth Park Grammar School and majored in English and English Literature. (A long time ago but I reckon I did OK at the subjects concerned.)

But can someone please explain to me what 'class war, anarcho-syndicalists, eco-anarchists, marxist-autonomists, stirnerites, Tolystoyans, mutual-aiders and punks' are?

An article in our local newspaper (The Sheffield Star) reports a group of nine people calling themselves "Underclass Rising", describing themselves as detailed above and headed by an individual rejoicing in the name of "Mark Moses Wallis" have broken into an unoccupied Grade II listed building in Sheffield and are threatening to barricade themselves in. They claim they have taken the action to draw attention to "poorly secured listed premises."

The building's owner claims the building was secure before the "anarchists and urban explorers" (again, what the ????? are they) broke in and he is even more angry about the fact that the local police force said "Officers did attend this incident, however due to a high volume of emergency calls at the time, there was a delay in our response."
As I said what the heck are "stirnerites" etc? And what gives them the right to break the law and occupy other people's property?

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Belper Town 4 - 1 Shepshed Dynamo

Another 4 - 1 win for Belper Town last night (Tuesday 21st Oct). What's even more pleasing is the fact that Belper played some great football against a side who hadn't lost a league game this season before this game!
Super night for a game of football too. It was cool but not freezing and there was barely a breath of wind. There's something special about watching a game under floodlights!

Go here for more pictures from the game:-

The photos are by an excellent semi-pro photographer called Tim Harrison who is the "official" Snapper for Belper Town. See his website for more examples of his work:-

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Belper Town 1 - 1 Retford Utd

A bit late - this game took place on Saturday 18th October but anyway..... Here's a picture of "Stevo's" goal for Belper. Didn't get the equaliser unfortunately.

Also didn't get "Stevo!" He's off to the right of the image somewhere having hit this tremendous volley from the corner of the penalty area.

It was a cracking game and a fair result I guess. I find this level of football (Unibond One) more exciting than watching any of the professional clubs. It's a whole lot cheaper too!

And there's another game tonight - Belper v Shepshed Dynamo - it should be another good 'un but I won't have my camera with me - can't/don't do "after dark" pictures! I guess I'll have to learn!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Try this one.....

A great blog from a design company in Holland. Click on this link....

Well worth a look!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

An odd thought occured....

..if the Government can find vast amounts of dosh to bail out the fat cat bankers, why could they not have used that money to sort out the problems of the Health "Service" or our failing Education system or the lack of patrolling police officers.

I still find it odd (and it makes me angry) to see job adverts in the press for a "Business Manager" for a SCHOOL! Why should a school need a Business Manager or a Medical Practice need a "Practice Manager".

These operations should not be "Businesses", required to make profit or self fund - we pay enough in National Insurance Contributions and other taxes to fund them for Gawd's sake!


Thought I'd have a go at this blogging lark.

Maybe get one or two things off my chest.

Let's see how we go.....