Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lots going on this week....

Wednesday evening - trip to Retford Utd to watch Belper Town lose 1-0!


Real pressure on this one! Tim Snapper Harrison missed the game so mine are the only BTFC pictures! Not my best set but at least the game is recorded.

Thursday - after a hectic work day and our evening meal - we had a little drive "up the dams" - Ladybower and Derwent for those who don't know. We actually stayed out later than planned because as we parked up near Upper Howden dam, the Duchess spotted some buzzards enjoying the thermals coming off the hills. They were about a quarter mile away but the big lens brought them a little closer. Turns out it was probably a mother teaching her fledgling how to hunt. Fascinating - and we watched with the camera and the binoculars for a good 20 minutes before heading back.

Earlier in the day, I spotted a family of swans on the canal at the back of our steelworks! Turns out the blokes in the plant have been feeding them for a few weeks and they are now almost tame! (The swans that is - not the blokes!)

Even earlier than this - as I was getting my breakfast cuppa at 6 a.m., spotted a juvenile goldfinch on the feeders in the garden - through the kitchen window - and me half asleep so its not a great shot but still nice!

Friday - after work (early finish day!) we did the supermarket run and then nipped down to the fishing tackle shop to pick up some bits and pieces for the fishing match I was taking part in on Saturday. Rounded the day off with dinner at the Bowshaw Carvery. Very nice!

Saturday - a grand day at the fishing match, Although I actually finished around 13th of 16 entrants (not my most prestigious attempt then!) It's a nice little fishery - Side Farm Fisheries at Thurcroft - and it's only a 40 minute drive from home. I caught about a dozen fish - although only one of any note - and to be honest - when I pulled in a couple of small perch, I debated whether to throw the fish back and weigh in the maggot - which was almost as big!

Back home mid afternoon while Belper Town were beating Long Eaton Utd in a pre-season game. Snapper Harrison recorded the game:

Grand album yet again Mr. H!

More bird-spotting in the late afternoon, again in the back garden and again, a new "spot" for us - this time - a treecreeper! See how well camoflaged he is in the big old apple tree at the top of the garden.

Here's a couple more:

Finally for now - in a week when I took alot of pictures - I wanted to show you this one - yet another "first" - this time a butterfly in our garden -

It's called a Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown and Yorkshire/Lancashire is about the northern extent of its territory. There were 5 of them in the garden and I have to say, I reckon this is my "shot of the week."

Right - enough for now - gonna grab a sandwich then get the lawnmower and hedge trimmers out before the weather breaks (as it will do tomorrow apparently.)

See yer!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Another Chance Encounter....

This time at Bakewell.

After the game on Saturday we came back via Bakewell - not the shortest route but it was a pleasant enough evening and we didn't have to be anywhere in particular.

Strolling by the river we spotted a flock of Goosanders:

There were probably 10 or a dozen of them and whilst not an endangerded species or anything (as far as I'm aware), I have only seen them once before - many years ago on a Scottish holiday. Interesting that they were that close to a town. I didn't have the big telephoto lens with me so the pics above were shot with the 18 to 200mm telephoto - and I've "fiddled" a bit in PSE 8

OK - ornithology lecture over - back to sleep guys.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It Was Good To Go To Footy Again!

South Normanton Athletic  v Belper Town to be precise. Pre-season friendly which Belper won 2-1. It's the first footy I've "photo'd" in a while but the results aren't bad!

First of all - the official pics from "Snapper" Tim Harrison:

And my album is here:

Tim's pics are to his usual high standard but I'm quite pleased with my effort. Made a couple of adjustments to my usual settings and mostly, the experiments came off! Mind you if you can't take reasonable pictures on a sunny July Saturday..............

Good game this. It was encouraging to see Belper Town retaining possession of the ball and also stringing some nice passing sequences together. South Normanton are about 3 leagues below Belper Town so you'd probably expect a bigger win than 2-1. However they are a good side and gave the Belper lads an excellent workout. Encouraging signs for the new season!

The Duchess and I both agreed that we'd missed the footy but more than that - we've missed the friends we'd made at the Club. Dave Laughlin, Snapper, Nigel, Hugh, Rich, to name but a few, so it's more of less decided that we'll have season tickets again!

It was much the same with our holiday. After 18 years of the same vacation, we wondered if a change might be necessary especially as its our 40th wedding anniversary next year and so we should perhaps do something special. As we were driving around Lincolnshire in the 2nd week of the holiday, we both agreed that we'd miss Horncastle, Elmhirst Lakes and the fishing so we have booked again for next year.

We're going a week later than usual because the "special" holiday we're hoping to fit in is a few days in Holland with our son and daughter-in-law in the Spring. Thats the plan anyway!

OK - another weekend has flown by - must be having fun then eh?

See yer later.

Friday, 22 July 2011

A Chance Encounter....

Whilst out and about on hols, we drove down a long straight road from Brothertoft to Coningsby. There are Level crossing type boards which say "Stop when the lights flash." The lights were flashing so we stopped and saw this -

A fighter plane landing at RAF Coningsby!

I publish these "warts and all" - the Duchess was nursing the camera as we were heading back to Horncastle. No time to change the settings and the smudges are raindrops on the car windscreen which I haven't tried to edit out.

Not my greatest photographic achievement but I reckon they're not bad given the circumstances! Anyway - I like them!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Still working on the pics!

It's been a busy week - as all first weeks back after holiday are - and I am still working on pictures editing.

But I had to tell you - the main event of the week so far is the launching of our new website ...

Have a look. I think it's brilliant. But I'm biased - it was designed and created by my sons company in Holland "Everybody Can Design" - link on the right to see more of their work. And if you need help with your company's image - their rates are very reasonable!

Promise holidays pictures soon. Honest!

Looking forward to footy at the weekend. South Normanton v Belper Town in a pre-season friendly. I'll take the cameras and might get some photos!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Back Home - It's Still Pouring - But At Least I Caught The Sun!

Whilst the Duchess caught all the fish.....


Saturday 2nd July - Arrived at our destination around 3:30 pm - unloaded the car - fished the evening. Hot day!

Sunday- Fished just about all day - very warm again!

Monday - had a drive down to Boston, spot of lunch - back to Elmhirst then fished for the evening - very warm for a third day.

Tuesday - fished until late afternoon then took a drive down to Freiston Shore (RSPB reserve near Boston) for a spot of bird-watching (and photographing with the new big lens.) Need to get used to restrictions of f6.3 max aperture at 500mm when the light is less than perfect!

Wednesday - Forecast was heavy showers so we skipped the fishing and went out and about. Lunch at Rachels Cafe at Hagworthingham - we had a full English Breakfast! Drove out to the car terrace at Huttoft and got some "big sky" pictures (there's a surprise!) Back via Chapel St Leonards. We've never been there before but enjoyed a wander around, a cuppa and a scone then an ice-cream before heading back to Elmhirst for a sandwich. Evening was spent by the River Whitham at Kirkstead Bridge - taking "evening light" pictures of birds etc. - erm - it never rained on us by the way.....

Thursday - Day trip out to Kings Lynn - never been before but really enjoyed the town. As we arrived, the heavens opened so we sat in the car for about 20 minutes before wandering around this very old and historic town. Excellent shopping centre and I bought a new tripod to hopefully complete the "Photography Kit".... although a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV would really complete the set! We dined out at the Red Lion at Revesby - about 20 minutes from Elmhirst. It was OK - a huge plateful of food but doubt we'll rush back - the Duchess cooks a better steak than the ones we had at the pub - and it's cheaper!

Friday - Another day off from fishing! - The weather was awful so after a quick trip to the shops in Horncastle, we generally twiddled our thumbs in the lodge. After tea - another trip to Huttoft - more pics of clouds and the wind farms off the Skeggy coast.

Saturday - Fished all day - apart from nipping to the supermarket for supplies. Spotted a 1959 Austin on the car park (the "Baby Austin") Pics on the Duchess' Ixus and I gotta download those yet!

Sunday - got organised for a trip back to Sheffield. Our associate company in Dronfield had 100th Anniversary Celebrations and Open Days planned for the week of 11th July and representatives from my best customer were arriving at Manchester airport Sunday evening. I collected them and delivered them to the hotel in Sheffield.

Monday July 11th - met up with the guests at the Open Day Plant Tour which went very well. I took loads of pictures of the guests and some of the plant in operation before heading back down to Horncastle in the late afternoon. (A colleague dropped my customers off at the airport!)

Tuesday - Fishing until tea time - then after tea - back to Freiston Shore for more bird-watching and photographing. We had a couple of lucky dips on the £161 million  Euromillions - and won!!......  £6.40 to be precise!

Wednesday - Rachels Cafe for brunch (Full English again - excellent) then a short wander around Spilsby and Wainfleet. Back mid-afternoon - and I had a snooze before we went fishing in the evening.

Thursday - fishing all day - and after a nip down to the chippy in the square at Horncastle - fishing all evening too. A lovely day - much warmer!

Friday - last day of holiday and rain promised for the evening so we had our last fishing session, puttng the gear away at about 6 pm, ready for loading the car Saturday morning.

Saturday - an unusual, but very pleasant, end to the holiday! Having spent the last 18 "annual holidays" at the same place, we have got to know the owners - Ann and Danny Hogan who actually originate from Sheffield. They don't live on site but we usually see Ann a couple of times during our stay.

Anyway - Friday, as we're packing the gear away - one of the site wardens popped in and told us that Ann had asked that we don't "dash off" on Saturday morning as she planned to drop by about 10 a.m. to see us. She arrived as promised and at noon, we were still sitting there having a good old natter and "catching up." The couple of hours passed very quickly and since it was absolutley bouncing with rain - we were happy to sit inside until it eased!

As she left - Ann told us to get organised and one Friday - after the "summer rush" was over - pop down for a weekend - fishing if we wanted to - just chilling if we don't. The offer is "on the house" so we're seriously considering taking her up on it. Nice that innit?

So - I now have somewhere around 1400 photos to edit, sort, delete etc,. I'll post them over the next week or two.

And - work tomorrow - Ho Hum......

Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's Absolutely Pouring Down.......

So we had a day out today.
First time visit to Kings Lynn - what a smashing town!
Wandered around, had some lunch, then this evening, dined at the Red Lion at Revesby where I was served the biggest mixed grill I've ever seen.
Didn't fish today, or yesterday, but might have a dabble tomorrow.
For now (cos it's a pain in the bum typing on the iPhone) that'll have to do.
Taken lotsa pics and we still have another week or so on hols.

I'll post some when we get back but until then- see yer later!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

We're on our hols

Posting from my iPhone
Just to see if I can, basically.

Had a short fishing session this evening and caught a few

Weather glorious but now it's bedtime.