Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Dronfield Town Ladies v Belper Town Ladies...

... some pics here:

We didn't stay for the whole game - we managed to withstand the cold until about 20 minutes into the 2nd half and, as the light was fading anyway and I'm not fully equipped for "Floodlight Photography", we came home.
The football wasn't bad actually. There was plenty of endeavour and enthusiasm and more moments of good skill than I expected but as I said - it was just so cold! The players had gloves, tracksuit tops, tights, tracksuit bottoms and I reckon a lot of blokes would have cried off in the conditions.

The game was originally scheduled for a 2 pm Sunday kick off at Dronfield Town's ground but that was frozen and so on Saturday evening, the fixture was switched to Belper Town's ground. Sunday morning, the game was switched again cos Belper's pitch was frozen and the teams agreed a 4 pm kick off at the new all-weather pitch at Gosforth Fields in Dronfield Woodhouse.

Gosforth Fields is a fantastic facility and is the result of the combined efforts of Dronfield Town FC, AFC Dronfield and Dronfield Rugby Club. With the aid of grants from various sport-related sources, help from the local authourity and a massive fund-raising effort, they have created a brilliant set-up.

There are changing rooms, two referees rooms, showers, toilets, tea bar, office - the whole bag of tricks and the building is extremely fuel efficient with underfloor heating provided by some sort of "trench" arrangment which brings natural heat up from the ground (I think - need that explaining to me again though, but slowly...!) and solar panels on the roof.

The all-weather pitch is only a part of the deal - there are rugby pitches and football pitches as well as an excellent Social Club bar with a balcony overlooking the all-weather pitch:

View from the all-weather pitch

It really is a fine set-up and well worth another visit. As it happens the Secretary at Dronfield Town FC is a guy called Darren Bradwell and Darren and I have worked together for a number of years. I know how much effort he and his Committee have put into this and they deserve all the plaudits!

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Dave said...

Looks a lovely set up that mate. Just wondering- did those other "prestige" footabllers from Dronfiled contribute anything, what with them being the oldest football clu.....ZZZZzzzzzzz