Sunday, 30 December 2012

An interesting week!

We had a very nice (but all too brief) visit over Christmas from our son and his wife. They went home on 27th December.
After the cup defeat at Ossett Town and a postponed league game at Market Drayton, Belper Town returned to action against Sheffield FC at their ground in Dronfield on Boxing Day.
The game ended in a well deserved 5-1 victory for Belper in the pouring rain on a pitch which cut up very badly as the game progressed. It's always satisfying to put one across Sheffield FC who have some of the most arrogant fans I have ever come across. As in all such cases, a handful of bad apples spoil the whole barrel but the banter is generally verbal - until Tuesday that is!
Belper were winning 3-0 but Sheffield pulled a goal back. The game became end to end as Sheffield tried to increase the pressure in an attempt to get back into it.
Then Belper made a break and sub Shaun Tuton raced a defender across the penalty box looking for a shooting opportunity. The defender slid in a tackle - probably not the smartest idea on a wet and muddy pitch - and took the ball and Shaun in one movement. The ref awarded a dubious penalty which Belper gratefully accepted of course!
I turned to Snapper Harrison and said "I don't think that's a penalty." and then felt an almighty shove in the back from an enraged Sheffield FC fan who was screaming "That's NOT a F**king penalty."
Fortunately, I didn't drop 3 grands worth of camera I was holding at the time and I turned to ask this idiot what he thought he was doing. His face contorted with rage, he shouted again "That's NOT a f**king penalty." I calmly pointed out that I agreed with him and repeated what I had actually said - "I don't think that's a penalty."
With hands thrust deep in his pockets, he replied "Well, he's a f**king awful referee." as if that justified it.
To my eternal regret, I did nothing about it at the time although I have since e-mailed Sheffield FC to warn them that they have a maniac in their midst. I should have called a steward but wanted to carry on taking pictures. (There's dedication for you!)
After the game, as I was packing away the camera gear a guy approached me and said "I thought that was totally out of order mate - what he did to you." He added that he was a Stocksbridge fan first and a non-league fan second and he was there because Steels were away at Buxton (getting a 7-0 hammering as it happens!) "Don't need that sort of idiot at any game and certainly not at non-league level!" he added.
The good thing is that we don't play the First Club In The World again this season! And their manager - Curtis Woodhouse - resigned on the Friday because his boxing commitments were clashing with the football and he'd decided he could no longer manage both.
The football pictures are here:
Think between us we got that covered!!
That's about that for now. Looking forward to Mickleover Sports at the Meadow on New Year's Day. Hoping  a nice win for the Nailers will set me up for the return to work on January 2nd!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Are you superstitious?

Some months ago, I managed to break the mirror on the Duchess' dressing table.
Since then, we were without broadband and a landline for around 2 weeks.
Then the PC broke down.
Then the car broke down - Engine Management System fault which required a software download! (And what a long story THAT is!)
And last week.... The remote (wireless) thermostat on the central heating system failed and needs replacing (fortunately under warranty) so currently our heating is either on or off. Manufacturers coming to sort it New Years Eve.
Wonder what breaks next!?
And by the way, I haven't posted in about a month because Google is telling me once again that I can't load any more pictures into the blog. So sod 'em. I'll have to link you to Flickr where I am now storing online albums (cos JAlbum upset me as well so I've kicked them into touch too.)
Here's last Tuesday's Cup defeat at Ossett Town - more good news - NOT!
More might follow when Christmas is over - but then again, It might not!
Anyway - hope you have a Super Christmas, and "All The Best" for the New Year - whoever and wherever you are.