Saturday, 31 January 2009

What you see ain't necessarily what you get!!

If you saw this picture on the Argos website, (priced at a very reasonable £24.49)

Would you assume (as I did) that you get the PS3 Controller with a "built-in" keypad? In the absence of any description to the contrary, I thought that since I needed a second controller for the PS3 which my family bought me for my birthday (I have a wonderful family!) this seemed like the ideal solution cos it's damned difficult trying to surf the net and type web addresses with a joystick and an "X" button!

Whilst I was at work on Friday, the Duchess nipped into Sheffield to pick one up for me. (Told you I had a wonderful family!) When I got home, the picture on the box (admittedly a line drawing) looked remarkably like the picture above.

However, on opening the Fort Knox style packaging, this is what I found:-

It's actually a wireless keyboard which clips on to the controller!

What a swizz!! And it's interesting to note that the same item is in the new Argos catalogue but has a "red flash" saying "Controller not included." Had I known I only got the keypad, I would have bought a standard USB Keyboard from Argos for £4.89!


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Belper Town 4 - 4 Willenhall (and then there were pens)

Tuesday evening - 27th January 2009 - we went to watch Belper Town in a Unibond Presidents Cup Tie against Willenhall, a team from the same division.

As part of the "Respect" campaign, teams exchange formal handshakes before the game. Picture as ever, courtesy of Tim Harrison - the rest of his shots from the game are here:-

On a damp, grey evening, an "experimental" Belper side almost snatched a win! It was a real battle and particularly in the first half, Belper played some very attractive and incisive football but the Willenhall defence withstood most of the onslaught.

Having held a 1 - 0 lead after 5 minutes, Belper looked like going out of the tie at 1 - 2 down but the equaliser came in the 92nd minute and that meant extra time.

The score pattern in extra time went:- 3 - 2; 3 - 3; 4 - 3; 4 - 4, with Willenhall equalising in just about the last minute of extra time. So that meant a penalty shoot out!

We left just before the end (the match at 4-4 with about two minutes left) because it was getting on for quarter past ten and it's an hour's drive back to Sheffield!

On the way home, we learned that Belper had lost 3 - 2 on pens. Pity but I enjoyed the game - and the team selection suggested to me that the squad depth which we will need over the next very hectic 2 months is certainly there.

My man of the match choice would be between Andy Rushbury, who covered every blade of grass and never stopped working, or Richard Haigh, at centre half and up against a striker who was a good 6 inches taller but Rich won just about every battle with the giant striker.

The "kids" did well too. Aaron Pride we already knew about - a classy full back who is "streetwise" (you know what I mean!) beyond his tender years and Liam Wilkins - earned his goal and seems to have pace to burn! Looking forward to seeing more of both of them as they are (hopefully) nurtured and brought along correctly.

Although we lost - a good night generally and there were, as already said, positives to take from the game.

Back to league action on Saturday - away at Lincoln Utd. That is another tough test but confidence must be sky high just now. Come on You Nailers!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

A wasted journey, but never mind, Belper won!!

Because an away trip to watch Goole v Belper was a bit of a trek, we decided to pop down to Christchurch Meadow and watch Belper Town Reserves play the top of the league side from Carlton.

Unfortunately, we didn't know that the game had been postponed earlier this morning because of a frozen pitch. Have to say - we were a bit miffed at first because the pitch looked fine at just after 2 o'clock when we arrived and I had checked the web site three or four times before we set off!

So, after checking by text with my mate Joe Winson (who was on his way to Goole on a train) that the game really was cancelled, we decided to explore Belper for an hour or so before driving back to Sheffield.

The weather was fine so we had an enjoyable stroll, a cuppa and a scone and the drive home was made even more memorable as Joe kept texting the score from Goole. The first team won 5 - 0!!

As ever, "Maestro" Tim Harrison was there to record the win.....

Up to 4th in the Unibond League now - and pressing the top three hard!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Bad Day (Night) at The Meadow

Derbyshire Senior Cup

Belper Town (defending champions) 1 - 4 Shirebrook

So the Derbyshire Senior Cup has been taken from the Trophy Cabinet, polished up and will be handed back as Belper lost this cup tie last night.

The team was almost "the 1st team" with a couple of fringe players included but even so, Belper in 5th position in the Unibond 1 North would be expected to beat Shirebrook, 3rd from bottom of the league below.

Two goalkeeping errors cost Belper dear and Shirebrook scored 2 late goals as Belper chased the game.

Both teams played some nice "passing" football but on the night, Shirebrook's passing was more accurate and effective. They worked very hard to close Belper down but even so, there were a lot of unforced errors from the home team.

We'll see what happens when we return to league action on Saturday - away at Goole FC.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

I Make No Other Comment Than....

Read the sign on the left and look at the picture......

Taken as me and the Duchess had a little stroll around Ladybower today.

Another Grand Saturday!

Belper Town 3 - 0 Sheffield FC.
Watched a very good performance from the Nailers yesterday against Sheffield FC.

Sheffield have a had a traumatic week, losing at least 3 players following budget cuts which included a 50% cut in the wages bill.

A somewhat "patched -up" side came the Belper yesterday but were beaten by an organised Nailers team. Credit where it's due though - at least Sheffield FC came to play football and not kick lumps off the opposition!

A very enjoyable afternoon - even though it was cold again!

Go to:-
- to read all about the best football club in Unibond One! (You'll find Tim Harrisons photos on the Forum!)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Another 3 points.. Belper 2 - 1 Brigg (13th Jan)

This game was postponed on Saturday Jan 10th because of a frozen pitch and "Well Dones" should go to both clubs for getting it rearranged so quickly.

Nowhere near a classic Belper performance but 2 goals scored, another disallowed and a post hit and then shaved on 2 more occasions, plus the Brigg goalkeeper making at least three saves in "one-on-one" situations meant it could have been a much bigger victory.

Still, a win is a win and it's 3 more points.

Look forward to Saturday now and another home game against Sheffield FC - the oldest club in the world. Another three points then and we could be in 4th place and pressing for the top!

Pictures as always from the camera of the excellent Tim 'Snapper' Harrison are here:-

look at the rest of his work too - it's bloody good!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

On A Lighter Note.

It was a glorious sunrise this morning.

This was the view from the rear of our house this morning at around 8:20 a.m.
Although they say "Red sky in the morning, Sailor take warning!" don't they?


There are people dying all over the Middle East and we run the risk of being dragged into a major world conflict and what is the main story on the BBC News headlines?

"Prince Harry used the term 'Paki' in a Video 3 years Ago!!!!"

Some people are demanding an inquiry, even though formal apologies have been offered.

I wonder if the same outcry would be forthcoming if Harry had been jibbed because he has ginger hair or because of his royal connections or because of his "Whiteness" or "Britishness". Yes - it does happen - Asians and other ethnic minorities do make similar remarks about "white" people.

Neither condemning or condoning his comments, all I'm saying is "Lighten Up!"

There are greater priorities in the world today. This is simply sensationalist claptrap although we shouldn't be surprised when we note the source - that guardian of the world's morals - the "News of The World!"

Thursday, 8 January 2009

I don't like the cold!

Went back to work Monday Jan 5th and halfway through the morning, had to nip home to sort out a small emergency and took the chance to take a couple of pics from the back bedroom window.

It was one of those days when it actually LOOKS cold!
I hate winter!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's been a hectic few days.....

...hence no posting since last week!

Sorry guys but I spent all weekend playing with my new TV (40" flat screen Sony Bravia) and PS3!

And Monday/Tuesday were first days back at work after Christmas so lots of small fires to fight!

Anyway - I promise I will clear out the "Powershot" camera and post a couple more "winter pics" shortly.

And on Saturday - Belper Town at home to look forward to!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

On a Lighter Note... "Happy New Year!"

Yesterday, we had a very pleasant New Years Eve at a friends house and today, the Duchess and I had a 'New Year's Day drive' out to an area near Sheffield called "Redmires."

We had a short walk around (we don't do long walks like the Smiffys and Penfolds of this world) and I took some pictures in the very frosty conditions.

The Upper reservoir was empty - dunno why - they were working on the wall earlier this year but I thought that was finished- but the Lower dam was full and partly frozen over.

Anyway...... hope you enjoy the following:-

And finally - one goose who wasn't cooked for Christmas!!!

When is a school not a school?

The lead story in our local paper concerns the opening of a new primary in Sheffield and it's ban on the use of the word "school" in it's title.

The Headteacher is quoted as saying "We decided from an early stage we didn't want to use the word 'school.' One reason was many of the parents of the children have negative connotations of school."

The establishment will be known as a 'Place of Learning' and pupils will be under the supervision of learning mentors.The children will wear slippers rather than shoes whilst "in school" to create a relaxed atmosphere and extra cash has been spent on height adjustable desks and chairs which can be personalised to each child's individual needs.

I have to agree with a comment made by a young mum who was asked her opinion. "They should call it a school - a school's a school. The word 'school' doesn't have negative connotations. A 'place for learning' just sounds wrong." She adds - "I wouldn't send my children there, because it's not a school , apparently. My children like their school!"

New Year - same old garbage!!!!