Tuesday, 30 November 2010

And the Snow got even worse.

It's snowed so heavily over Monday night/Tuesday morning that I couldn't get the car out of the drive without a lot of shovelling so decided to walk and take the bus to the city then walk again to the office. Left home 8:05, arrived at work 9:26 - a journey which I usually drive in about 15 to 20 minutes!

I took the small "snappercam" with me.....

Outside our front door

A street in our neighbourhood

The Canal Basin - or Victoria Quays to
give it it's posh name - Central Sheffield

Left work at about 3:15 pm and got home just before 5 pm - a long journey and the only good thing was that I got to use my bus pass to get home.

There's more heavy snow falling as I type this - so looks like the bus again in the morning.

Oh - and by the way - the Belper Town game v Barwell scheduled for this evening was called off! But you guessed that didn't you!?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow Joke!

We awoke to this on Saturday morning....

This of course put paid to the plan to go to Belper to see the Nailers take on Newcastle Town FC. Instead, spent the morning clearing the drive and then nipped to the supermarket. That about sums up Saturday.

I booked a day off on Friday and we went to Bakewell for a stroll around the shops - the Duchess wanted to "test" her leg/hip! She did very well with just one crutch and my arm for support. I took some pictures. Here's a couple:

And another great "Foxhouse Sunset" on the way home:

A grand day and the next plan was football Saturday then drive into Sheffield on Sunday (today) and park for free (cos it's Sunday) and let the Duchess have a wander around the shops in the city. Snow put paid to that one too. She really is doing very well and is getting around the house now without crutches. The only remaining problem is she's going a little "stir-crazy" which is why trips out were planned!

Anyway - the weather forecast is for this lot to extend almost to next weekend so I don't think we'll be straying very far. This is creating a certain panic because the Duchess likes to browse the shops looking for Christmas presents. She's fretting about the fact that Christmas is coming fast so she needs to hop to it (hop to it - geddit??!! Oh - Never mind!)

Not a lot has happened over the last 2 weeks which is basically why you've not heard from me. That and the fact I ain't been at my best - for reasons which can't be discussed here. Still, life goes on and I suppose I just have to get on with it - however frustrated and unhappy I might be with a particular situation.

Back to football  and it looks like Sheffield Wednesday have been saved from the abyss by Milan Mandaric who has agreed a deal to buy the club. As a consequence, about £25 million of debt will be wiped out and a new start made. This, on the back of a 6-game unbeaten run and progress to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup has lifted the spirits of the Hillsborough faithful. Here's hoping it is truly a new beginning.

Not much to report on the Belper Town front. They progressed to the next round of the Presidents Cup with a 6-0 trouncing of Lincoln Utd. We didn't go - too long a trip for the Duchess "on one leg" and after I'd endured a full day at work. We didn't got to the last fixture either - away at Kidsgrove when a weakened Belper side lost 4-2  - the home team scoring twice in the last 3 minutes to take the points. A little late I know but as ever - Tim Harrisons album from the Kidsgrove game is well worth a look:

As I said, yesterday's game was cancelled because of the snow and given the forecast, I doubt Tuesday evenings home game against high-flying Barwell will take place either. We'll have to see.

Not much else to tell you - apart from the fact our son and his wife are coming to Sheffield for Christmas!! Arriving Dec 18th and leaving us Dec 27th - a whole 9 days or so. Can't wait. It'll be great to see them both again and the Duchess and our daughter in law can compare operation notes - our son's wife has just had a gall stone removed.!

Anyway - thats about it for now - I'll leave you with another "snow view":

"Doesn't it look pretty in the sunshine" sez the Duchess. "Erm! No it bloody doesn't!" sez I (I hate winter BTW.)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Truth at last about my second favourite football club....

....is in this article by David Conn of the Guardian


This summarises perfectly why the Owls find themselves in their present sorry state.

Richards should not be allowed to run a bath.....

God help the FA

(More normal blogging resumes shortly - I've been busy OK?)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Almost back to normal....

Another week and not a lot to report.

The Duchess recovery is continuing and she is doing fine apart from a bit of a growing sense of frustration that she can't ditch the crutches just yet!  The walking frame is now redundant and she is whizzing around the house on one crutch.

Highlight of the week was yesterday when we went to watch Belper Town v Spalding. First game we've been to since before the Duchess' operation and we actually sponsored the match ball so we really wanted to be there.

They know how to look after people at Belper Town - greeted on arrival in the boardroom with coffee and biscuits, a match programme and a comfy chair for the Duchess! A tremendous buffet at half time and a ticket for six complimentary drinks after the game was all part of the sponsor's package. We also got to choose the away side's Man of the Match. 

A smashing day was completed by a 5-0 win for Belper Town. First half was poor but Spalding pretty much had the stuffing knocked out of them by a goal right on half time and another just after half time. Belper then scored three in the last 10 minutes.

I took the camera but had a bit of a mare! Missed two of the 5 goals. I got a couple of half decent shots (mainly before it went dark!) but as ever - Mr Reliable - Tim Harrison, got pretty much everything important in the game. His album is here:

Nice one again Tim!

A couple of mine:-

BelperTown Juniors FC were main match sponsors
 The aforementioned Mr Harrison (He's a cheery soul really!)
 Lee Thompson - included cos it's probably my best shot of the day!
 If you look at Tim's album - you'll see a better version of this shot (I hate him sometimes!!!)
Hat trick hero RWT (Rubens Wiggins-Thomas) OK - this was after his 2nd goal but it's the best shot I got of him!
OK folks - that's about it for now. Getting ready for sausage sandwiches with brown sauce. Leg of Lamb and the trimmings for Sunday dinner later!

Oh heck! Just remembered. "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" starts tonight. The TV schedule at Nortoner Towers will therefore be:

Strictly Come Dancing
The X Factor
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

The next blog entry might be sooner than you think. A long soak in a hot bath and a computer session could very well be on the cards!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Progress so far is good!!

Another week has flown by and I have learned how to use the washing machine and the cooker!

The main subject of the week has been the Duchess' recovery from her operation of course and I'm pleased to say all seems to be going very well. She has progressed from a walking frame upstairs and crutches downstairs to the point where she is now getting about the house on a single crutch for most of the time.

The week in summary....

Monday - into the office about 9 a.m., nip home lunchtime to check on the Duchess, back to work in the afternoon and home about 4:30 p.m. to sort out laundry and tea.

Tuesday - whole day off because our new bed was to be delivered. Spent the morning dismantling the old divan, cleaning the bedroom  from top to bottom, and then assembled the new one when it arrived mid-afternoon.

Wednesday - see Monday, pretty much.

Thursday - ditto.

Friday - another day  off - the District Nurse was due to remove the Duchess' staples from the operation wound and re-dress the wound if necessary. Turns out no new dressing is necessary - the wound has not "wept" and is healing nicely! The massive bruise down the back of her leg is disappearing quickly too! On the whole - she's making a grand recovery and for my part, I find it hard to believe that she has been out of hospital for just over a week!

To celebrate, we nipped out to Hathersage for lunch (Bacon sandwiches at the Hathersage Swimming Pool Cafe - the best in Derbyshire!) We sat by the Derwent Reservoir for a while and eventually returned home for a fish & chip supper!

A good day all round really.

Saturday - we decided Sheila wasn't up to a trip to watch Belper Town just yet so after the morning supermarket visit, we had lunch and another drive out into Derbyshire to see if we could get some pictures of the colours, before the strong winds remove all the leaves from the trees. It was a very grey day but the area around Ladybower is pretty whatever time of year or the weather conditions.

There's more pictures here if you fancy a look...

In our absence (again!) Belper recorded a 4-1 home win over Romulus. The biggest win of the season and a good performance by all accounts. Tim Harrison's excellent album is here and is certainly worth a look!

Hopefully, we'll be at the game next week, when Spalding are the opponents. We are sponsoring the match ball and so really want to be there if we can.

Not much else to tell. Work is still extremely busy. It will soon be time to sort out a Sales Forecast for next year and so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

More follows at the earliest opportunity but with laundry to do, pots to wash (you should SEE the state of my hands!) and house cleaning  to be done - I wouldn't hold your breath!