Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Grand Christmas Day!!

Had a super day yesterday - just me and the Duchess and my son and daughter-in-law. Lots of pressies and a smashing Christmas dinner - all prepared by the Duchess' own fair hand.

Now - you may not know that two of my passions are books and crosswords - but my family know that - hence:

There's over 3,000 pages of reading here and a couple of hundred crosswords. Should keep me quiet for an hour or two I guess!

Mind you - dunno where I'm going to put them......

My bookcase in the bedroom!
(And I have another four packing cases full of books which there's no room in the house to display. One day - I'll have  a house with a library....)

I return to work on 4th January so I've a week or so left of Christmas hols. More posts might follow!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone......

..if anyone still reads this of course. If you do - an extra special "Merry Christmas" to you.

Again - not much to tell - Monday got the desk pretty much sorted at work.

Tuesday - meeting at our sister company in the morning - Christmas shopping in the afternoon

Wednesday - Christmas shopping in the morning before a call from the Duchess made me dash home - she said there was a pool of water under the boiler which is under the stairs. It's the new boiler which we had fitted around March time so a quick call to the bloke who installed it sorted that. It's a condensing boiler which generates steam which is expelled through a pipe on the outside of the house leading to the soil stack. This pipe had frozen so it's a case of keep pouring boiling water on it to defrost it and catch the few remaining drips under the boiler. Pain in the ass but it works and I guess these weather extremes (Minus 17 C in Worcestershire last night!!!) are bound to generate this sort of problem.

Thursday & Friday - Christmas shopping - but only for bits and pieces - stocking fillers  - what we call the "daft" presents.

Today - getting ready to open the pressies about 11 pm-ish which is why I have a minute to jot a note.

Hope to post more interesting comment - and maybe some photos - before the New Year but we'll see.

As I said - enjoy today - and "All the Best" for the New Year if I don't get a chance to say it before the event.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Weather - gotta get this off my chest.....

.....on BBC News this morning, the Shadow Transport Minister blamed the coalition government for yesterday's chaos on the roads.

If Labour had still been in power, she claimed, the problem would have been resolved more quickly and handled far better because Labour wouldn't have made the rapid cuts the present government has made and so more gritters would have been out and the railways would have run on time.

A couple of things - the railways pretty much did run on time and with the odd exception the timetable for today will be the usual Sunday schedule.

Secondly - if the Labour government would have coped better - why did we have similar chaos last winter? They were still in charge then weren't they?

Thirdly - it matters not if you have a million gritters - when 4 inches of snow fall in 25 minutes - you are never going to get on top of it quickly! (And it did fall at that rate - Brent Cross Shopping Centre closed because of the heavy snowfall and - see below - my son and his wife had first hand experience!)

Stupid woman! Still, she did look as if she'd just got out of bed - bags under eyes, hair all over the place. And as the interview went on - you could see she had little conviction about the stand she was making. Maybe she's been "wheeled out" to use the occasion to have a pop at the Government.

Anyway - the chaos affected our son's travel plans. They got to Dover OK on Friday and had a good nights rest. That's where the good news ends.

They left Dover at 08:50 on Saturday morning with "a dusting of snow and light traffic." They finally got here at 11:25 PM!!! That's a journey time of 14.1/2 hours! Lets hope the journey back to Folkestone on 27th December will be easier!

Not a lot else to tell you - the camera has barely been used since my last post and Belper Town beat New Mills 4-1 in the Derbyshire Senior Cup (away - on a Monday night - over the snow and ice-covered hills around from Sheffield - so we didn't go.)

The Duchess' recovery continues - we've had a couple of expeditions into Sheffield and the Christmas shopping is getting sorted. I finish work for the holidays on Monday 20th (tomorrow) and plan to spend some time sorting out the "bits and pieces" pressies. I am actually waiting for a parcel mailed by on 26th November which still hasn't arrived although to be fair - the mail has started to come through again. Had a tougn time this last 3 weeks or so the posties!

Work is still very busy - and the heavy load looks set to continue at least into April or May next year. Right sort of problem to have though - my old boss used to say "Better to be looking at the work than looking for the work.." Wise words.

Right - that'll do for now - more follows when I get a mo - hopefully with some pics for you to look at - I'll try to find something to photograph - but not snow - I'm sick of the snow... so for now - "Laters!"

Sunday, 12 December 2010

OK - So how've you been?

Been a while since I posted but that's largely due to the fact that we've been busy - pretty much buried under almost 2 feet of snow here at Nortoner Towers. I've been getting plenty of exercise - shovelling snow and walking to and from work!

Here's why my car stayed on the drive for nearly two weeks:

More pictures of the snow are here -

There's been no proper football to take pictures of since Belper's 4-2 defeat at Kidsgrove on 20th November (I don't regard Premier League as "proper" but I do include Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Madrid because that was a cracking game and a great result!)

Anyway - we got to the Duchess' hospital consultation by cab - and the effort was worth it. The consultant told her all seems fine and she should get rid of the crutches (to be fair - she's only been using one crutch for a while now) and he told her he'll see her in 12 months! To celebrate, we took a bus into Sheffield (that bus pass has taken some hammer this last couple of weeks!) and she enjoyed a wander around the shops - did a bit of Christmas shopping too.

The Duchess told me later that she felt as if she'd been "let loose." She'd been pretty much "confined to barracks" since the snow started and was getting a bit "stir crazy!"

Nothing else to report really - I will avoid comments on the student protests - I know what I think but am not really in the mood to comment because if you get me started........

The good news is that my son and daughter-in-law are planning to spend Christmas in Sheffield! If the snow stays away, they'll drive down from Rotterdam to Calais on Friday afternoon, December 17th and catch a ferry across to Dover. Lay up overnight and then drive up to Sheffield on Saturday. They're staying until the 27th. Good innit?

All we need to do now is get the Christmas shopping done - the Duchess ain't happy cos she likes to be organised by now - it's me who does it all last minute!

We made a start on the shopping yesterday in Sheffield and plan to nip down to Chesterfield this afternoon to do a bit more. Because of the weather over the last 2 weeks, the Meadowhall Centre has announced they will be staying open until midnight until Christmas. Not sure we'll risk it but as a last resort - it's an option.

OK - Archers Omnibus nearly done - sausage sandwich next and then off to Chessie to see whats happening there. Hopefully parking will be free as it is in Sheffield on Sundays.

More follows when I get the chance!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

And the Snow got even worse.

It's snowed so heavily over Monday night/Tuesday morning that I couldn't get the car out of the drive without a lot of shovelling so decided to walk and take the bus to the city then walk again to the office. Left home 8:05, arrived at work 9:26 - a journey which I usually drive in about 15 to 20 minutes!

I took the small "snappercam" with me.....

Outside our front door

A street in our neighbourhood

The Canal Basin - or Victoria Quays to
give it it's posh name - Central Sheffield

Left work at about 3:15 pm and got home just before 5 pm - a long journey and the only good thing was that I got to use my bus pass to get home.

There's more heavy snow falling as I type this - so looks like the bus again in the morning.

Oh - and by the way - the Belper Town game v Barwell scheduled for this evening was called off! But you guessed that didn't you!?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow Joke!

We awoke to this on Saturday morning....

This of course put paid to the plan to go to Belper to see the Nailers take on Newcastle Town FC. Instead, spent the morning clearing the drive and then nipped to the supermarket. That about sums up Saturday.

I booked a day off on Friday and we went to Bakewell for a stroll around the shops - the Duchess wanted to "test" her leg/hip! She did very well with just one crutch and my arm for support. I took some pictures. Here's a couple:

And another great "Foxhouse Sunset" on the way home:

A grand day and the next plan was football Saturday then drive into Sheffield on Sunday (today) and park for free (cos it's Sunday) and let the Duchess have a wander around the shops in the city. Snow put paid to that one too. She really is doing very well and is getting around the house now without crutches. The only remaining problem is she's going a little "stir-crazy" which is why trips out were planned!

Anyway - the weather forecast is for this lot to extend almost to next weekend so I don't think we'll be straying very far. This is creating a certain panic because the Duchess likes to browse the shops looking for Christmas presents. She's fretting about the fact that Christmas is coming fast so she needs to hop to it (hop to it - geddit??!! Oh - Never mind!)

Not a lot has happened over the last 2 weeks which is basically why you've not heard from me. That and the fact I ain't been at my best - for reasons which can't be discussed here. Still, life goes on and I suppose I just have to get on with it - however frustrated and unhappy I might be with a particular situation.

Back to football  and it looks like Sheffield Wednesday have been saved from the abyss by Milan Mandaric who has agreed a deal to buy the club. As a consequence, about £25 million of debt will be wiped out and a new start made. This, on the back of a 6-game unbeaten run and progress to the 3rd Round of the FA Cup has lifted the spirits of the Hillsborough faithful. Here's hoping it is truly a new beginning.

Not much to report on the Belper Town front. They progressed to the next round of the Presidents Cup with a 6-0 trouncing of Lincoln Utd. We didn't go - too long a trip for the Duchess "on one leg" and after I'd endured a full day at work. We didn't got to the last fixture either - away at Kidsgrove when a weakened Belper side lost 4-2  - the home team scoring twice in the last 3 minutes to take the points. A little late I know but as ever - Tim Harrisons album from the Kidsgrove game is well worth a look:

As I said, yesterday's game was cancelled because of the snow and given the forecast, I doubt Tuesday evenings home game against high-flying Barwell will take place either. We'll have to see.

Not much else to tell you - apart from the fact our son and his wife are coming to Sheffield for Christmas!! Arriving Dec 18th and leaving us Dec 27th - a whole 9 days or so. Can't wait. It'll be great to see them both again and the Duchess and our daughter in law can compare operation notes - our son's wife has just had a gall stone removed.!

Anyway - thats about it for now - I'll leave you with another "snow view":

"Doesn't it look pretty in the sunshine" sez the Duchess. "Erm! No it bloody doesn't!" sez I (I hate winter BTW.)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Truth at last about my second favourite football club.... in this article by David Conn of the Guardian

This summarises perfectly why the Owls find themselves in their present sorry state.

Richards should not be allowed to run a bath.....

God help the FA

(More normal blogging resumes shortly - I've been busy OK?)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Almost back to normal....

Another week and not a lot to report.

The Duchess recovery is continuing and she is doing fine apart from a bit of a growing sense of frustration that she can't ditch the crutches just yet!  The walking frame is now redundant and she is whizzing around the house on one crutch.

Highlight of the week was yesterday when we went to watch Belper Town v Spalding. First game we've been to since before the Duchess' operation and we actually sponsored the match ball so we really wanted to be there.

They know how to look after people at Belper Town - greeted on arrival in the boardroom with coffee and biscuits, a match programme and a comfy chair for the Duchess! A tremendous buffet at half time and a ticket for six complimentary drinks after the game was all part of the sponsor's package. We also got to choose the away side's Man of the Match. 

A smashing day was completed by a 5-0 win for Belper Town. First half was poor but Spalding pretty much had the stuffing knocked out of them by a goal right on half time and another just after half time. Belper then scored three in the last 10 minutes.

I took the camera but had a bit of a mare! Missed two of the 5 goals. I got a couple of half decent shots (mainly before it went dark!) but as ever - Mr Reliable - Tim Harrison, got pretty much everything important in the game. His album is here:

Nice one again Tim!

A couple of mine:-

BelperTown Juniors FC were main match sponsors
 The aforementioned Mr Harrison (He's a cheery soul really!)
 Lee Thompson - included cos it's probably my best shot of the day!
 If you look at Tim's album - you'll see a better version of this shot (I hate him sometimes!!!)
Hat trick hero RWT (Rubens Wiggins-Thomas) OK - this was after his 2nd goal but it's the best shot I got of him!
OK folks - that's about it for now. Getting ready for sausage sandwiches with brown sauce. Leg of Lamb and the trimmings for Sunday dinner later!

Oh heck! Just remembered. "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" starts tonight. The TV schedule at Nortoner Towers will therefore be:

Strictly Come Dancing
The X Factor
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

The next blog entry might be sooner than you think. A long soak in a hot bath and a computer session could very well be on the cards!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Progress so far is good!!

Another week has flown by and I have learned how to use the washing machine and the cooker!

The main subject of the week has been the Duchess' recovery from her operation of course and I'm pleased to say all seems to be going very well. She has progressed from a walking frame upstairs and crutches downstairs to the point where she is now getting about the house on a single crutch for most of the time.

The week in summary....

Monday - into the office about 9 a.m., nip home lunchtime to check on the Duchess, back to work in the afternoon and home about 4:30 p.m. to sort out laundry and tea.

Tuesday - whole day off because our new bed was to be delivered. Spent the morning dismantling the old divan, cleaning the bedroom  from top to bottom, and then assembled the new one when it arrived mid-afternoon.

Wednesday - see Monday, pretty much.

Thursday - ditto.

Friday - another day  off - the District Nurse was due to remove the Duchess' staples from the operation wound and re-dress the wound if necessary. Turns out no new dressing is necessary - the wound has not "wept" and is healing nicely! The massive bruise down the back of her leg is disappearing quickly too! On the whole - she's making a grand recovery and for my part, I find it hard to believe that she has been out of hospital for just over a week!

To celebrate, we nipped out to Hathersage for lunch (Bacon sandwiches at the Hathersage Swimming Pool Cafe - the best in Derbyshire!) We sat by the Derwent Reservoir for a while and eventually returned home for a fish & chip supper!

A good day all round really.

Saturday - we decided Sheila wasn't up to a trip to watch Belper Town just yet so after the morning supermarket visit, we had lunch and another drive out into Derbyshire to see if we could get some pictures of the colours, before the strong winds remove all the leaves from the trees. It was a very grey day but the area around Ladybower is pretty whatever time of year or the weather conditions.

There's more pictures here if you fancy a look...

In our absence (again!) Belper recorded a 4-1 home win over Romulus. The biggest win of the season and a good performance by all accounts. Tim Harrison's excellent album is here and is certainly worth a look!

Hopefully, we'll be at the game next week, when Spalding are the opponents. We are sponsoring the match ball and so really want to be there if we can.

Not much else to tell. Work is still extremely busy. It will soon be time to sort out a Sales Forecast for next year and so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

More follows at the earliest opportunity but with laundry to do, pots to wash (you should SEE the state of my hands!) and house cleaning  to be done - I wouldn't hold your breath!


Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday morning - blogging down....

....(to paraphrase Johnny Cash!)

Wednesday and Thursday saw the Duchess recovering in hospital from her hip surgery.

Our son was here until Thursday when I took him to Doncaster airport to head back home. His company is in the middle of moving offices to the centre of Rotterdam. Friday was the day they had to move from the old premises and he naturally wanted to be there for that.

Friday afternoon - collected the Duchess from hospital and brought her home. Fish and Chips for tea went down really well!

Her mobility is hampered of course and we now have a walking frame upstairs and her crutches downstairs. The recovery plan includes walking every day (with the crutches of course!) and the physiotherapist suggests walking to the first lamp post on the street on Day One, then the second lamp post on Day Two and so on - (after a week, she'll be 7 lamp posts away!!.......... Boom Boom!!!)

Because she's been cooped up for a week, we had a short drive out to Ladybower on Saturday afternoon. The Duchess isn't allowed to stand for 90 minutes at a football game yet and the seats at most grounds are not conducive to "sitting comfortably" so we couldn't go to watch Belper at Quorn. It would have been a bit too much on her first day out!

Took the camera of course.........

We'd missed the best of the sunshine but some of the colours were still there!

As for Belper Town - they lost 2-0 and from the comments on the Fans Forum - it was a good game to miss. Described by some (including one of the senior players) as the worst performance of the season!

Tim Harrisons excellent album is here:

We're hoping to get to the Belper home game v Spalding on November 13th - we're sponsoring the match ball and so we really want to be there if possible!

Today should be car cleaning day but at the moment it's grey and misty and simply too damp to do it. Hopefully the weather will clear a bit so I can get it done. It's never been this dirty since I got it!

There's also the house cleaning, pots to wash etc (the Duchess is still doing the cooking - she doesn't need food poisoning to hinder her recovery!)

Next week - we'll set up a routine to get her up and organised before I go to work. I'm fortunate in that my boss has told me to take what time I need and I can do some of my work from home so things will be a bit "flexible" until we get sorted.

Anyway - nearly lunchtime so I'd best get on.... a man's work is never done (to paraphrase the old saying!)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This weeks excuse for lack of bloggage..

... simply that I've been busy, (or too lazy to blog!? A major distraction is the 1,000 piece jigsaw we're doing on the coffee table.... Nice excuse dontcha think?)

So - updates and footy first -

Saturday 23rd  Oct - Belper beat Shepshed Dynamo 2-1, coming back from 1-0 down. We missed it because we were collecting our son from Doncaster airport. He wanted to be in Sheffield when his ma had her operation so he's around until Thursday.

Tonight - Belper beat Quorn 2-1 in the Presidents Cup - we missed it because the Duchess had her new hip fitted on Monday (yesterday) and so she's in hospital and I've been visiting!

Maybe a pattern emerging here...... we don't go - Belper win 2-1 - hope not!

Tim Harrisons pictures from the Shepshed win are here

and a damn fine set they are too. (Careful Tim - you're getting a bit to good at this photography lark.... wouldn't want it to go to your head!) I'll add a link to tonights cup win when he gets his finger out and posts the album on the Belper Forum. Assuming he was there of course! ;-)

Last Sunday (way back after I did my last blog entry) we had a drive out into Derbyshire. The colours weren't quite there but we got some nice shots on a very bright day. Here's one...

and an album of the better shots from the day is here:

Didn't do much else this last week or so - mainly spent time getting the Duchess organised for her operation - which went well by the way - trouble is - she is not allowed to sleep on her side for the next 6 weeks. She must sleep on  her back - and that will be a challenge let me tell you! She'll hopefully be out on Friday morning. Fingers crossed!

Sunday just gone, we went for a drive out to Carburton Lakes again - but there was simply nowhere to park so we ended up heading back home after a loop around Ollerton and Sherwood Forest. Car was cleaned when I got home - and it has, as ever, piddled it down today so it needs doing again! Ho hum - my own fault - I chose black!

Any road up.... it's now 10:30 pm - I am knackered and about ready for bed. Work in the morning then hospital visiting in the afternoon....


Sunday, 17 October 2010

This Week in Nortonerland...

I know, I know - I promised an ASAP post... well, truly, this IS ASAP!

As described - Sunday - we went to Carburton Lakes, near Clumber Park - got some nice shots of birds various.....

...and it was a really pretty day -

Monday - day off. The Duchess had an appointment at the hospital for a pre-op assessment so I went with her. All seemed to go well and probably the best bit was the news that her blood pressure was at its lowest in ages!! She was so pleased she almost rang the nurse at the surgery to report the news (blood pressure checks every 6 months or so usually result in a high reading!) Anyway - the nurse at the hospital was really very nice and although the Duchess is still very apprehensive about the operation, she seems a lot more "comfortable" with it than previously.

Tuesday and Wednesday went in a blur but on Thursday I managed to find 10 minutes to take a few shots in the stock yard at work. The plant backs on to the canal and some of the bankside vegitation is starting to 'turn' to it's autumn colour... (and please ignore the incinerator in the background!)

 To say the canal runs through Sheffield's Industrial East End - it can be quite attractive (and it's actually full of fish!) 

Friday was as Friday is! Busy but with the bonus of closing at 1:30 pm! Generally relaxed through the afternoon and dined from the Chippy. Total relaxation.

Saturday began with the supermarket run, then off to Belper to watch the game v Brigg. As we were leaving the house, a warning light on the car dashboard caught my eye (do they still call 'em dashboards?)

Reference to the manual showed the light means the "Diesel Particulate Filter is Clogged with Soot." It might as well have been written in Dutch for all that this message meant to me!

Fortunately, the showroom the car came from is just around the corner so we called in on the way to the match. A technician told me that this can happen if the car has undertaken a series of short journeys. It's not serious and all it needed was a run down the motorway or a dual carriageway at a steady 70 kilometres per hour in 4th gear. Fifteen minutes or so should do it. So we headed for Belper and the problem was sorted. (See - this blog delivers tech tips too - as well as the usual rubbish!)

Football? Well -  Belper lost 1-0 although no one has any idea how. We dominated for 80 of the 90 minutes but just couldn't score! Disappointing but if we play like that every week - the corner surely has to be turned soon!

Took some pictures but not enough of at the high standard set by Tim Harrison, although I quite like these two.....

A very dramatic sky...

I'll put some footy pics up if I can find enough good 'uns.

Today is an absolutely glorious one so when  the Archers Omnibus is done, we'll grab a bit of "brunch" (posh here at Nortoner Towers aren't we?!) and then head out to Derbyshire to see if we can get some "Autumn Colours" pics.


Footnote..... Just posted this then found Tim Harrison had put his pics on the Belper Fans Forum whilst I was at it. A smashing effort (as usual!) can be found here - one of his best I reckon!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

No - I haven't stopped blogging.....

... it's just been another one of those weeks!

Sunday afternoon - went for a look at possible new beds.  Ours is almost knackered but we have had the thing for several years so we really need a new one. "Looking" turned into "Buying" - delivery in a month or so.

Monday - arrived at work to find no working telephone lines. So no phones or fax but oddly - Broadband was fine. Established later in the morning that there was a massive network fault and between 80 and 100 of BT's customers in the local area were in the same boat! Long story short - the lines were restored early Friday morning but only after our only remaining means of communicating with the outside world (Broadband) had also 'died' on Thursday morning. 

"Frustrating" just about sums it up. I reported the debacle to Ofcom because having spent all week trying to speak to someone at BT and only getting automated e-mail responses or "Select Option 1 for this and Option 2 for that" telephone menus, I'd had enough!

I asked Ofcom to ask BT to remove the e-mail address "" unless it is actually meant as a joke of course. Compensation claims are also being prepared.

Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday - spent at our sister company at Dronfield to learn more about the new computer and software systems we are introducing across the group. Interesting!

Thursday was difficult - trying to catch up on almost 2 days out of the office was impossible with no means of communication to the outside world (apart from personal mobile phones and 3G service)

Friday - usual half a day and a bit wasted to be honest - I fell asleep in the afternoon! Must be getting old if I need an afternoon nap.

Saturday was good - an away trip to Rainworth Miners Welfare FC and a good 2-0 win for Belper Town. It was also the first time I'd used the camera in a week! Pictures will follow but for now, as ever, The Master (Tim Harrison) beat me to it and his record is here:

Today promises a bright afternoon so we're planning a little run. (In the car of course - not yer actual jogging type run - leave it out!) Carburton lakes near Clumber Park is favourite. Fancy taking some pictures of the birds gathering round the feeders on the fence there.

I have a day off tomorrow - the Duchess has her pre-op assessment in the afternoon so we'll probably have lunch out and eat at the Bowshaw Carvery in the evening (to cheer her up a bit!)

I'll post again ASAP - hopefully before next weekend but - no promises!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Morning Blog time...

..because it's hammering it down outside and I can't therefore cut the grass or clean the cars... Damn ;-)

Been a mixed week but generally good.

Wednesday evening, we took the Duchess' new car up to Foxhouse and Burbage Moor to catch the sunset. The car had had a minor repair so we were "testing" it. Took the camera "just in case" and was rewarded with a very "moody" sunset. 

The first was taken near Foxhouse and the second was taken as we got toward Burbage Moor. Two different locations and two very different "colour-sets".

Thursday - had three-quarters of a day off and so took the Duchess out for lunch to the Swimming Pool Cafe in Hathersage. (Super sarnies and a good cuppa - highly recommended.) before driving past Ladybower, over the Snake Pass to Glossop, returning via part of the Woodhead Pass then over the top to Holmfirth. Back through the Strines and Derwent Valley. Cuppa and a toasted teacake at the High Peak Garden Centre. Then Morrisons to get some fish for tea and 6 hours and 110 miles later, we got back home! Lovely day and some great views over Holmfirth......

Friday morning was hectic at work and in the afternoon - it persisted again so we didn't stray far from home.

Saturday started with a surprise. Just coming light and I was making my cuppa in the kitchen when I spotted two foxes in the back garden! Grabbed the camera and managed to get a couple of shots:

The pictures are a bit grainy because it was 7:15 and the light wasn't great so I had to ramp up the ISO to 6400. Not great pics but not bad eh?

Saturday afternoon brought another defeat for Belper Town! This time against Harrogate Railway Athletic in the FA Trophy. We gave away a sloppy goal, missed a penalty, a "sitter" right at the end  and a great chance in the first couple of minutes.. It was so disappointing that I actually put away the camera after one golden chance went begging. Never done that before.

As ever - Tim Harrison "did his duty" and his photos are here:

I got a couple of "good 'uns" but can't really be bothered to do the edits and stuff.....

So - we're back to Sunday - the Archers Omnibus is just about done and so I'm going to try to find something to do cos the rain is still heavy. Showing no signs of stopping. Think I'l go and sort out some stuff in the loft.

Laters folks!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Not been a great week....

...Football-wise anyway.

Having lost 5-1 to Glapwell on Tuesday, Belper went down 1-0 to Goole AFC at the Meadow last Saturday. A 92nd minute goal in a niggly game decided the contest which although it brought a much improved performance from Belper Town, was still a massive disappointment.

One of the main reasons for the poor game, in my opinion, was this gentleman:
I told him at the end of the game that, in my opinion,  we've had some crap refs at the Meadow but he is the new top of the crap pile.

Positives from the game? (You should always look for the positives!) Two new players were on view and showed up very well. Striker Daryll Thomas has pace and looks like he has goals in him too whilst Nicky Darker in midfield put in an excellent shift.

I'm still faffing with my pictures but you can see Tim Harrison's album from the game here....

An excellent effort from Tim (Mr Consistency) too!

Other news since my last post..

Son and Daughter-in-law went back to Holland Saturday. We took them out to dinner on Friday night as an early "Happy Birthday" meal for our daughter in law who celebrates the event on October 1st.

Saturday, after they'd left, I cleaned my car and we then went to the Goole game and on Sunday - I cleaned the Duchess' car and also the lounge bay window. Yes - I know - that explains why it has persistently piddled it down since Sunday evening. What sort of moron cleans 2 cars and the windows all in the space of 36 hours? Asking for trouble!

So - you are up-to-date with my exciting life. I'll leave it a couple of days before giving you the next instalment. Too much excitement in one dose is not good for you!

Oh yeah -

Clean car 1:

 Clean Car 2:

Didn't have time to photograph the window before the rain started but you all know what a window looks like yeah?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A week's a long time in politics......

..... and it's just as long a time in football!!

Tuesday last week - Belper Town 2 - 1 Glapwell in a league game.

Last night - Belper Town 1 - 5 Glapwell in  a Cup game!

Fans are up in arms and one in particular is spouting off on the fans forum about the performance and not getting value for money. "Schoolboy football." " A disgrace" etc etc

Stepping back for a moment and whilst admitting it was not the best performance we've ever seen at The Meadow, there are one or two things that need to be remembered.

Rich Adams - regular centreback this season - out with a stress fracture of the big toe.
Simon Mirfin - generally playing the midfield "holding role" - out with a disclocated shoulder.
Luke Federenko - wide midfied player - sunning himself in Dubai.
Mark "Barney" Barnard - left back and our most experienced player. Carrying an injury and could not be risked.
Jon Froggatt - captain and striker - again, carrying an injury so started on the bench.

and so on.......

The Belper Manager actually had to ask the "retired" Asa Ingall to help out and had to stick a new signing, Jay Smedley, straight into the side. Andy Rushbury - who plays wide midfield usually, had to fill in at left back.

The argument expressed last night and since is that we beat Glapwell last week but we lost to the same side this week - "Why?"

Read my lips - they put the same side out as last week but we couldn't! Different game altogether. The performance wasn't great but hey - get over it and move on.... This is not Chelsea we're watching here but a Manager with a greatly reduced budget working his b*ll*cks off to bring together a squad of, perhaps, lesser players than we had last season and make some sort of half decent side from them.

Anyway - rant just about over and I'll post a few pictures as soon as. One last thing - I don't think it helped that the team also lost 3-2 to Rushall at the weekend in a league game. After coming back to 2-2 from 2-0 down, it was naturally very disappointing to lose 3-2 but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

This week's activities.....

Tuesday night was one of the highlights - Belper beat Glapwell 2-1 and thoroughly deserved the victory. Best I've seen the team play this season. I took the camera and here's a couple of my pics:

Justin Jenkins' header loops over the keeper for 1-0.........

The Glapwell keeper makes a good save from a shot by Chris Wood and Jenks was on hand to pop in the rebound....
A familiar face in the crowd - Belper top scorer for the last 2 seasons... Lee Stevenson moved on to Eastwood Town:

For a proper view of the game - see Tim Harrisons album - I really haven't had the time to make one this week!

Wednesday was one of those days when you are absolutely knackered at the end of it but can't really understand why.... maybe it's this slight head cold I've been carrying for a week or so! Anyway - dropped a colleague off at a local garage in the afternoon and saw these beauties on the car park:

1969 vintage Jag I understand and there was a Bentley too..

Thursday - left work slightly early (we were on a maintenance shutdown week and so I've been popping into the office to check e-mails and so on.) When I got home. I suggested to the Duchess that we nip down to Autoworld at Chesterfield and see what offers they have on a new (used) car for her. Ended up buying her another Seat Ibiza! (We only went for a look!) This one's a "56 plate" to replace the  "51 plate" she currently has. Nice car! We collect it Tuesday next week when Road Tax and PDI is sorted. It's a 1.4 "Special Edition" with DAB Radio and controls for the CD player on the steering wheel etc. I'll post pics next week.

Friday - the REAL highlight of the week - my son and daughter-in-law arrived late afternoon from Holland. They drove over in their new car - a Volvo C30, 2.40i racing machine! It's absolutely beautiful!

Saturday - Son and daughter-in-law were out and about visiting friends various and since Belper were away at Rushall, we decided to have a football free Saturday for once and after the usual supermarket penance in the morning, we had a run out to Eyam in Derbyshire. I've never been to the village before but it is famous for "shutting itself off" from the outside world when the Plague struck in 1665/1666. I took some pictures and will create an album but here's a few to be going on with...

The notice above is outside the cottage shown below:

St Lawrence Church, where most of the plague victims are buried.

I reckon we could use some of these stocks nowadays!

Anyway - you are now up to date but as I said - I'll make a Jalbum of Eyam photos and post the link ASAP!