Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday - and no footy to watch!

What to do instead?

Well - we're thinking about nipping out to the Bluebell Wood for a look. Our neighbours recommended it as worth a visit. They were there yesterday and reckon the bluebells are at their best right now. Anyway - we'll see because the grass wants cutting again, the hedges need a trim and there's lotsa dandelions to dispose of on the Nortoner Towers Estate!

Belper Town's season finished on Easter Monday with a 3-5 home defeat to Leek Town. Pity Andy Carney couldn't go out on a win but it was an exciting game. What the Sun would call "an 8-goal thriller". Albums are here:

As ever - Tim Harrison's first....

And mine - (actually complimented by Mr Harrison as one of my best of the season!!)

Pity it took me all season to get it right!!

Not done much else apart from work this week. We were given the option of taking yesterday off to watch the Royal Wedding or going into work and taking a day later in the year. Since we finish early on Fridays anyway - it made sense to me to work in the morning and have a full day later on.

Still editing the pictures of our day out at Cromford - I promise I'll get some on  here soon - but I've taken a heck of a lot of pictures in the last week or two and I'm still sorting through them.

Here's a couple to be going on with....

Threatening sky at Glapwell - last Saturday - the rain never came although we found out when we got back to Sheffield that there had been heavy thunderstorms with rain and hail! 


Glapwell again - pre-match warm up - Jon Froggatt decided Matt Plant needed to cool down rather than warm up!

Apple blossom on our tree at Nortoner Towers.

Nowt else to tell you - but I'll do more later. Eggs and Bacon now - then Bluebell Wood,  then cutting grass - so I'm not sure when I'll do more and it will definitely be later!


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