Saturday, 22 October 2011

Another Good Week..

....Footy-wise anyway.

As indicated in the last blog entry, on Tuesday evening we made the short trip to Sheffield FC to watch Belper Town in the League Cup. Both sides made changes and rested "key" players but Belper came away with a very good 2-1 win. Some of the Nailers football was absolutely tremendous - pass and move stuff, one touch, played at pace and we were 2-0 up inside 20 minutes!

The Sheffield FC web site has comment from theirr manager who suggests they aren't bothered by the defeat in what was, to them, a "nothing" game. Whatever...... Here's Tim's pics:

Excellent as ever Tim!  I took my camera and got some decent shots but simply haven't had the time to make an album and post it on t'net! However - here's a few - just to prove I did take my cameras!

"OK lads, Here's the plan!"

Lee Whittington's diving header....

...hits the back of the net for 1-0 to Belper

Rushy pops in the 2nd (too quick for me - but he's obviously delighted!!)

Sheffield had just pulled one back and Mozza wants to know how long left.

That was certainly the highlight of the week. We've nipped out after tea a couple of evenings looking at possible vinyl flooring and paint for the bathroom but it's proving a bit difficult to find what's "just right." The search wil be suspended for a week anyway since I'm off on my travels again on Monday. Maybe inspiration will strike during the journey - we'll see.

As for Belper Town - they are away today at Barton Rovers in the 2nd Round of the FA Trophy. Need to win that one because there's decent money on offer for the winners. Barton are at the same level as Belper but they are based down near Luton so it's a fair old trek.  Too far for us actually. According to various route finders and sat navs, it's about 125 miles from Nortoner Towers and a 2 hour 15 minute journey at least. That's not really so bad I guess it's just that it's another 125 mile and 2.1/4 hours to get back after the match! A bit too much when I'm getting ready for a trip!

That's about it really - pretty mundane I guess but what can I say - that's how it is sometimes.

I'm not taking the laptop to Brazil - we're travelling light with just carry on bags but I hope to have the little Ixus camera with me and will post anything worth looking at when I get back.

For now... "COME ON YOU NAILERS!!!!"

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