Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Frozen North

And South and East and West!

Another very cold week meant another week with no football to watch, photograph or register. Doesn't stop the flood of Junior league paperwork though!

Sorry I didn't post pictures from last Saturdays walk in the local park. To be honest, I forgot. So - here's a couple.....

"Whoever told you this coat keeps out the cold is full of bull!!

St James Church, Norton

Long tailed tit in our garden (and the flecks are snow - not "noise!" )

I won't bore you with more robin pictures although as I told you, I got a couple of good ones. What? You wanna see? OK! Go on then!

Sunday afternoon was spent shovelling snow from our drive so I could get the car out on Monday morning. A good quantity of snow had fallen through Saturday afternoon and evening. On Sunday morning , this was the view from our front window...

Not much else photographically to report this week. The street where our plant is located is under repair and has been since October. New kerbs, new footpath and now resurfacing the road. I've done some pictures of the roadworks but they are boring, basically!

 See what I mean?

Belper Town's game on Tuesday was postponed - pitch still frozen (and in fact, today's game at Hucknall also fell foul of the weather) but the highlight of the week came on Thursday when I belatedly celebrated my birthday (again!) with dinner at a local Italian restaurant. I treated a couple of my work colleagues, combining my birthday "do" with a sort of "Sales Team Christmas Party!" It's good food, cooked to order, served hot and its not expensive. Result! Mamma Mia Pepe on Langsett Road, Sheffield if you wanna try it. It was flippin' cold though with another light dusting of snow as we left the restaurant.

It was still very cold on Friday morning. Here's a quick pic of the canal at the back of our plant - been frozen solid for a week or more.....

As I said - no footy again today so we've been for another walk in the park. It was cold but we called into the Rose Garden Cafe in the park for a cuppa and a sausage roll (it was VERY busy btw) before wandering down to the lakes to get some shots of birds in flight - my current obsession. I managed some good 'uns! Here's a taster....

I might make an album of these actually. I'm really pleased with them!

Right - it's getting on for 10 o'clock on Saturday evening - there's nowt on telly, but for now, that's yer lot. Might do some more tomorrow morning when The Archers is on.... If I don't forget! 

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