Sunday, 7 October 2012

Three More Draws!

Pity Belper Town aren't on the  football pools coupons (do they still have Littlewoods Pools btw?!)
Anyway - since my last post and the horror of the 5-1 mauling by Ilkeston, Belper have played three more games. All draws (although one was won on a penalty shoot out!)
First - FA Trophy v Leamington. Saturday September 29th. Drew 2-2 so a replay was needed. Belper had gone 2 goals behind (again!) but fought back to draw 2-2 and take the tie to a replay at Belper on the Tuesday.
The Duchess and I couldn't go because our son's mate was coming to Nortoner Towers to strip the old plaster off the kitchen. He did a cracking job and on Sunday, plaster boarded it ready for skimming.
Snapper was there of course and his pictures are here:
We didn't go to the replay either. A drive of about 2.1/2 hours on a Tuesday evening just wasn't on. We missed an exciting game by all accounts. This time, Belper went 2 goals up but were dragged back to 2-2 and extra time then penalties meant a very late night. (Glad we didn't go - it would have been well past midnight when we got back.)
Snapper couldn't make it either so there are no snaps of the match.
Then yesterday it was back to league action with a trip to Loughborough Dynamo, who we had beaten 4-3 about 3 weeks ago in the FA Trophy to get through to the game v Leamington.
Another draw! But this time 0-0 although how Belper didn't score in the last 20 minutes I don't know. The ball hit the woodwork at least 3 times and we missed two absolute sitters in the first half but it wasn't to be.
A disappointing outcome and I know manager Peter Duffield wasn't happy. We could hear him giving the team a verbal lashing after the game - and we were a good 30 feet from the dressing rooms!
I confess I didn't totally understand why, when we have one of the best midfield players at this level in Steve Warne, a lot of the time we played long balls over the top of midfield for Ash Longstaff and new guy Andy Siribour to chase or flick on. Anyway - as I've said before, it's the easiest game in the world to play when you're sitting in the stand.
My record of the game is here:
Probably my best ever "soccer set" this and the new camera worked a treat again. However, as I said on the Fans Forum, if I can't manage a half decent set on a bright, sunny day it's probably time to pack it in!
Aside from footy - my next trip is almost set up. Off to Canada and USA on Sunday 14th October. Back in the UK on Tuesday 23rd and the office Wednesday 24th. This might actually be my last trip "stateside." My colleague who is destined to take over my duties will do the next one, in the spring, on his own and then there should be one more in autumn 2013 before I finally retire on 28th March 2014. I am hoping I'll be allowed to do a "Farewell Tour". I've been visiting the majority of the clients  since 1985 and have made some good friends on my travels. It'd be nice to say "See Ya!" properly!
Today - I couldn't really be arsed to get out in the garden so me and The Duchess had a little drive out to Carburton to sit by the lake and watch/snap the birds. Right now she's cooking roast beef and Yorkshire pud so as the smell wafts up from the kitchen, I'm going to close this now and get ready to eat.
See yer in a bit!

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