Sunday, 23 December 2012

Are you superstitious?

Some months ago, I managed to break the mirror on the Duchess' dressing table.
Since then, we were without broadband and a landline for around 2 weeks.
Then the PC broke down.
Then the car broke down - Engine Management System fault which required a software download! (And what a long story THAT is!)
And last week.... The remote (wireless) thermostat on the central heating system failed and needs replacing (fortunately under warranty) so currently our heating is either on or off. Manufacturers coming to sort it New Years Eve.
Wonder what breaks next!?
And by the way, I haven't posted in about a month because Google is telling me once again that I can't load any more pictures into the blog. So sod 'em. I'll have to link you to Flickr where I am now storing online albums (cos JAlbum upset me as well so I've kicked them into touch too.)
Here's last Tuesday's Cup defeat at Ossett Town - more good news - NOT!
More might follow when Christmas is over - but then again, It might not!
Anyway - hope you have a Super Christmas, and "All The Best" for the New Year - whoever and wherever you are.

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