Sunday, 7 November 2010

Progress so far is good!!

Another week has flown by and I have learned how to use the washing machine and the cooker!

The main subject of the week has been the Duchess' recovery from her operation of course and I'm pleased to say all seems to be going very well. She has progressed from a walking frame upstairs and crutches downstairs to the point where she is now getting about the house on a single crutch for most of the time.

The week in summary....

Monday - into the office about 9 a.m., nip home lunchtime to check on the Duchess, back to work in the afternoon and home about 4:30 p.m. to sort out laundry and tea.

Tuesday - whole day off because our new bed was to be delivered. Spent the morning dismantling the old divan, cleaning the bedroom  from top to bottom, and then assembled the new one when it arrived mid-afternoon.

Wednesday - see Monday, pretty much.

Thursday - ditto.

Friday - another day  off - the District Nurse was due to remove the Duchess' staples from the operation wound and re-dress the wound if necessary. Turns out no new dressing is necessary - the wound has not "wept" and is healing nicely! The massive bruise down the back of her leg is disappearing quickly too! On the whole - she's making a grand recovery and for my part, I find it hard to believe that she has been out of hospital for just over a week!

To celebrate, we nipped out to Hathersage for lunch (Bacon sandwiches at the Hathersage Swimming Pool Cafe - the best in Derbyshire!) We sat by the Derwent Reservoir for a while and eventually returned home for a fish & chip supper!

A good day all round really.

Saturday - we decided Sheila wasn't up to a trip to watch Belper Town just yet so after the morning supermarket visit, we had lunch and another drive out into Derbyshire to see if we could get some pictures of the colours, before the strong winds remove all the leaves from the trees. It was a very grey day but the area around Ladybower is pretty whatever time of year or the weather conditions.

There's more pictures here if you fancy a look...

In our absence (again!) Belper recorded a 4-1 home win over Romulus. The biggest win of the season and a good performance by all accounts. Tim Harrison's excellent album is here and is certainly worth a look!

Hopefully, we'll be at the game next week, when Spalding are the opponents. We are sponsoring the match ball and so really want to be there if we can.

Not much else to tell. Work is still extremely busy. It will soon be time to sort out a Sales Forecast for next year and so any suggestions would be gratefully received!

More follows at the earliest opportunity but with laundry to do, pots to wash (you should SEE the state of my hands!) and house cleaning  to be done - I wouldn't hold your breath!



Mike Smith said...

Ken - it was Romulus not Rushall - and another quickie ... spotted Kristof Kotylo "in the bar" at Hyde yesterday ...

Nortoner said...

Cheers Mike. Now corrected!
(I was thinking about Rushall and their film in the £10,000 competition - have you seen it? Very funny!)
Wonder what Kots was doing there?