Sunday, 20 March 2011

Another mixed week....

Football first -

Belper Town 0 - 5 Newcastle Town

Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 4 Peterborough

Saturday (yesterday)
Romulus 2 - 0 Belper Town

Southampton 2 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday.

Tim Harrison's pics from the game at home v Newcastle are here:

I took my camera and have some reasonable pics but haven't had the time to do much with them this week. Belper knew it would be a struggle after Aaron Pride got sent off and the ref awarded a penalty to Newcastle. He said that Aaron had deliberatly handled the ball to prevent a goal so the letter of the law says he has to go. The fact the ball was hammered at him from close range and he raised his hands to protect his face as he turned his back didn't seem to matter to the ref. Whatever happened to common sense.

Anyway - we didn't go away to Romulus but the match report (link to Belper Town home page on the right) sums up what was apparently a better performance from the side. Still a defeat though and that is now 6 in a row. And next Saturday - Barwell, runaway leaders of the division, visit Belper.....

Highlight of the week was a trip to Scarborough yesterday. A last minute decision after seeing the weather forecast. We had a super day and pictures will follow as soon as I've finished editing them. Here's a couple to be going on with....

South Bay from the cliff top

The Harbour

One of the many boats in the harbour

The lighthouse at the harbour entrance

Altogether, we walked around 3.1/2 miles in all - and enjoyed fish and chips in a small cafe before heading back to the car and home via Flamborough Head. The sunset was spectacular....

The great thing is that Scarborough operates a fantastic Park and Ride scheme. Park your car for free and for a fare of just £1 - hop a bus into town. We, of course, have bus passes so the bus ride was also free!

A cracking day although we were a little surprised by the number of people who'd had a similar idea! The place was busy!

The rest of the week just went by in a blur so there ain't a lot else to tell you. We'll see what next week brings. I will attempt to get an album of our Scarborough day made and linked on here but no promises!


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