Wednesday, 2 March 2011

That Canon Ixus ain't a bad little camera!

A few more shots taken at the Boyzone concert. Using 3x to 12x zoom and with flash disabled, the results aren't bad. (Speaking of flash - dunno what some people at the back of the Arena were expecting but flash on small digital cameras and mobile phones is not going to project 250 to 300ft to the stage!!) Anyway.... as I said - I'm quite pleased with these.

This was a really good gig but my ears have only just stopped ringing! It was LOUD!

Not much else happening - the Duchess is at a Junior Football League meeting tonight and we are planning to go to see Belper Town v Quorn FC on Saturday. (Oh - and I put the car through a car wash last evening!)

Aside from that - laters!

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