Sunday, 20 March 2011

Another mixed week....

Football first -

Belper Town 0 - 5 Newcastle Town

Sheffield Wednesday 1 - 4 Peterborough

Saturday (yesterday)
Romulus 2 - 0 Belper Town

Southampton 2 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday.

Tim Harrison's pics from the game at home v Newcastle are here:

I took my camera and have some reasonable pics but haven't had the time to do much with them this week. Belper knew it would be a struggle after Aaron Pride got sent off and the ref awarded a penalty to Newcastle. He said that Aaron had deliberatly handled the ball to prevent a goal so the letter of the law says he has to go. The fact the ball was hammered at him from close range and he raised his hands to protect his face as he turned his back didn't seem to matter to the ref. Whatever happened to common sense.

Anyway - we didn't go away to Romulus but the match report (link to Belper Town home page on the right) sums up what was apparently a better performance from the side. Still a defeat though and that is now 6 in a row. And next Saturday - Barwell, runaway leaders of the division, visit Belper.....

Highlight of the week was a trip to Scarborough yesterday. A last minute decision after seeing the weather forecast. We had a super day and pictures will follow as soon as I've finished editing them. Here's a couple to be going on with....

South Bay from the cliff top

The Harbour

One of the many boats in the harbour

The lighthouse at the harbour entrance

Altogether, we walked around 3.1/2 miles in all - and enjoyed fish and chips in a small cafe before heading back to the car and home via Flamborough Head. The sunset was spectacular....

The great thing is that Scarborough operates a fantastic Park and Ride scheme. Park your car for free and for a fare of just £1 - hop a bus into town. We, of course, have bus passes so the bus ride was also free!

A cracking day although we were a little surprised by the number of people who'd had a similar idea! The place was busy!

The rest of the week just went by in a blur so there ain't a lot else to tell you. We'll see what next week brings. I will attempt to get an album of our Scarborough day made and linked on here but no promises!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Real "Up-And-Down" Week......

Began with an "up"

Belper Town FC 2 - 0 Newcastle Town, Semi-final of the Presidents Cup

Oldham 2 - 3 Sheffield Wednesday. Football League One

Couldn't make the cup semi - got back from dropping visitors at Manchester airport just a bit too late to drive down to Belper. Anyway - Tim Harrison took these pictures of what manager Andy Carney told me later in the week was the best performance by a Belper side this season.

Then a "down"

Belper Town confirm Andy Carney's decision to step down as first team manager at the end of the season. The Duchess and I were (are) massively disappointed so I sent the big man a text and he called me back. We had a good old natter and promised to keep in touch.

Andy is really the remaining "link" the Duchess and I have with Belper Town FC and when he goes, maybe we might too? We got to know him well through our initial interest and friendship with Danny Hudson. Dan's gone, now Andy's going. The Club is looking for a new Chairman.

We might have to see what other non-league options are available. Dunno yet. Whatever happens the Duchess has already categorically refused to go a mile and a half down the road to watch Sheffield FC. She says she doesn't like the club, the people or the atmosphere! Any road up - we'll see.

Another "up"

Booked the day off because our son was visiting from Holland for the weekend. A very good mate of his is going through a rough patch and so our lad "popped over" for what was, literally, a flying visit. Picked him up from Manchester airport mid-morning. He has also been dieting since 1st January and has lost just under 3 stone. He looks better for it and says he feels better too. It's always good to see him - no matter what shape he's in.

Then "down".

Belper Town FC 0 - 2 Grantham, Evostik League One South

Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 1 Notts County. Football League One

Footy results determine the mood yet again! We went to the Belper game and the team did way better than the last time we saw them when Quorn best us 5-1. However, it's still a defeat to a side who have lost one of their last 20, but, sadly, a team the Belper side of two seasons ago would have wiped the floor with.

Nice to see our mate Mossley Smiffy there again. He had his camera and I'll link to his pics as soon as he posts the link but in the meantime, Snapper Harrisons images are here:

And mine are here:

Sunday - well not a lot happened. Took our son back to Manchester airport in the afternoon - the car will know it's own way there by now - did the same return trip on Monday and Tuesday, collecting and delivering our Canadian visitors  - then Friday and today, collecting and delivering number one son!

Oh aye - just remembered it's Monday tomorrow..... Bugger!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

What a Crappy Weekend....

Saturday really was a day to forget....

Belper Town 1 - 5 Quorn FC

Sheffield Wednesday 2 - 4 Plymouth Argyle.

We saw the game at Belper and it was, overall, a pretty poor show. With the exception of 3 or 4 players, the team showed no enthusiasm, endeavour, commitment or spirit.

Bear in mid Quorn had won only 7 games all season before this. It didn't help that early on, skipper Jon Froggatt crashed in a shot which came down off the underside of the bar and bounced up safely into the keepers arms. Something told me then that this wasn't to be our day but I didn't expect the display we got.

One of the very few positives from the game is the performance of Aaron Pride and Cameron Martin who came on a second half subs. Aaron has been warming the bench recently following a 3-match suspension but after the second half yesterday - I don't see how he can be dropped again!

Cameron  Martin is a young lad from the Belper reserve side. He worked hard in the second half and tried to keep up with Jon 'Frogba' Froggatt who once again led by example with little or no support.

Aside from Jon, Lee Thompson and Nick Darker are about the only two of the other players who emerged from this disappointing display with any sort of credit.

The contrast between the two teams was interesting - every time a Belper player had the ball, he was immediately pressed, harried and hurried by at least 2 Quorn players. Our boys often stood and watched (seemingly in awe!) whilst the ball was brought under control or headed clear.

The extent of the disappointment was summed up for me by Captain Jon Froggatt as he left the pitch. He said, as he removed the captains armband "Nobody else cares!" A damning indictment.

Disappointment etched on Nailers faces as they left the pitch.

Anyway - if you want to see the action (or lack of it in Belper's case) Tim "Snapper" Harrison's record is here:

I took about 150 pictures and have had a quick look through - but to be frank - I really can't be arsed to make an album this week.

That's basically all you're getting this Sunday. Next week is busy - Monday evening I'm to be at Manchester airport to collect two visitors from Canada and I have to return them to the airport by 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Not much chance of getting back to Sheffield to collect the Duchess and get down to Belper to see the semi-final of the President's Cup - Belper v Newcastle Town. That might not be a bad thing if the team performs as it did on Saturday!

Main highlight of next week comes on Friday when our son arrives at Manchester airport for a brief visit to see a mate who has a bit of a problem. I've booked a day off and will collect him cos that is probably about all we'll see of him before he heads back to Rotterdam on Sunday or Monday.

Thing is - a lousy weekend makes Monday morning even more of a drag although I guess it's a  bit sad that a 61-year old bloke has his duck knocked so far off by a couple of football results! But - isn't that what being a footy fan is all about?

'Til next time mes amis......

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

That Canon Ixus ain't a bad little camera!

A few more shots taken at the Boyzone concert. Using 3x to 12x zoom and with flash disabled, the results aren't bad. (Speaking of flash - dunno what some people at the back of the Arena were expecting but flash on small digital cameras and mobile phones is not going to project 250 to 300ft to the stage!!) Anyway.... as I said - I'm quite pleased with these.

This was a really good gig but my ears have only just stopped ringing! It was LOUD!

Not much else happening - the Duchess is at a Junior Football League meeting tonight and we are planning to go to see Belper Town v Quorn FC on Saturday. (Oh - and I put the car through a car wash last evening!)

Aside from that - laters!