Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hi! How've Ya Been?

Sorry I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I intended to correct that today and I have just spent an hour and a half typing out some notes about my photo activity over the last 2 weeks.

Then - whilst uploading pictures to show the world, Google decided that I have exceeded my 1Gb free limit and if I want to continue adding pictures to my blog, I need to purchase more storage.

I have no intention of doing that so it looks as if this blog will pretty much end here!

Some 2 years ago, I bought an internet domain - - and with help from my son, I plan to build my own web pages with a photo archive to display my pictures and bore you with tales of a sinmple mind....

It's been fun!


Mike Smith said...

Quickie Ken - why Google ? Thought you used JAlbum ... I bought 2Gb of space a couple of years ago on JAlbum for 19 Euros ... which I had to renew last year ... but I've still only used about 900Mb.

(One cheat I do use is to reduce all pix in Photoshop to about 1.4Mb each - then use Microsoft Picture Manager to further compress (to "Document" size) - before publishing in JAlbum compresses once again to get each album set down to about 4 or 5 Mb).

Nortoner said...

atements cipecI use Jalbum for footy sets and other albums and link to them Mike but individual shots loaded directly into the blog are now the problem.

Google want US$5 for 20 Gb which is a bargain but if I'm honest - I think the blog had run its course anyway mate.