Monday, 6 August 2012


OK - I know I said I'd had it with Google and their cash demands but in the last few weeks, I missed blogging and decided to try a new blog but this time in Wordpress.

The blog was entitled "Norton Other One" but to be truthful, I've found that Wordpress is very disappointing in comparison with

My beef with Google was that they allow 1 Gb of free space and Wordpress offers 3Gb. With 1Gb of Blogger space lasting four years or so, I figured Wordpress was the better option as I'd probably get about 12 years worth of "free blog!"

Technically, that is correct but after a few posts using Wordpress, I find it very restrictive compared to Blogger. Using a free Wordpress template (which doesn't look bad tbh) I then found that changes such as font size and text colour are very restricted, unless you pay extra! It seem that about the only thing that can be changed for free is the page backgound colour.

So - I am going to bite the bullet and pay my money for extra Blogger space. Norton Yer Life is therefore (hopefully) re-born!

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Mike Smith said...

Go Ken Go ... welcome home !