Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Another interesting week...

...in which I "blew the budget" and upgraded my "snapper kit!"

Here's the new gear....

Pic taken with my trusty Canon EOS 300D with 18-55mm "kit" lens!
I traded in my Canon EOS 50D with 18-200mm lens and the EOS 1D Mk II body which I bought off Snapper Harrison a while ago and invested in the EOS 5D Mark III with 24-105mm IS lens and I added the 70-200mm f2.8 lens (killer kit of the pros for under floodlight footy snapping it appears!) Not the IS version - I'm not made of money!!
I had intended it would make it's debut at the Ilkeston FC v Belper Town FA Cup game last Saturday but I was told in no uncertain terms by a steward that the taking of photographs inside the stadium was not allowed. I asked if he was sure because as I understood it, the FA positively encourage people to bring cameras to the early rounds of the FA Cup because it's good publicity. He consulted someone (who must have been REALLY important because he had a different coloured reflective jacket on) and the decision was confirmed.
Maybe I should have dug in my heels (or grovelled as my mate Mossley Smiffy apparently did!) and perhaps could have taken a few pictures but anyway - as I said - Smiffy persisted and managed a few. His record of an excellent 2-2 draw is here:
Have a look at Smiffys blog an all while you're at it - link on the right under "Smiffy's Blog" funnily enough!
It was a hard fought and exciting game and either side could have nicked it. Belper went 1-0 up but were pegged back and with about 15 minutes left, were 1 - 2 down when substitute Ash Longstaff powered in a header. The replay is tonight and if it's not absolutely pouring, the new camera kit will make it's debut at the game. 
On the way home, we diverted via Bakewell (for a bag of chips by the river of course!) and drove back over Froggatt Edge to the Fox House area where I had a chance to test the new camera on an amazing sunset. Here's just one of a lovely set from which I might yet create an album.

Not a lot else to report and since I'm at work, s'pose I'd better gerron wi it as they say.
Report (and hopefully pictures!) follow tonights game - although to be fair, we've had that much rain in the last 24 hours (58mm up here in Sheffield) some fans are asking if it will go ahead!

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