Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Dead Computer Is A Right Pain In The Bum!

My PC has totally died - this comes to you from an old laptop (running Windows XP) which I set up so I could at least try to catch up with my Sheffield Junior Football League duties!

Fortunately, I had backed up my photo files  (all 59,000 of 'em!) to an external, portable hard drive last weekend, before the machine gave up the ghost. I am to take the box to work tomorrow and a colleague who is a bit handy with computers is going to have a look to see if he can revive it.

There's lots to tell you about as far as  footy goes - particularly in the last week! Having lost 2 games in a row to late penalty kicks, Belper hammered Romulus 9 - 0 on Tuesday and beat Kings Lynn 2-1 at their ground yesterday.

The Tuesday win was Belper's biggest victory in the Northern Premier League and the win yesterday probably had even more significance. Kings Lynn hadn't lost at home in 2 years until the mighty Nailers came a-calling!

We watched the 9 - 0 and I took some nice photos but with a dead PC, editing and uploading options have been limited so I think the best plan is to link you to Snapper Harrison's Flickr page and you can see all of the action, not just from the last week, but from the season and before. Have a look - he's not only consistent but bloody good an all! (And explore the site - there's more than excellent footy pics there.)

Other matters? Nothing to report really. My pretty ordinary life continues to pass with seemingly increasing rapidity as I hurtle toward retirement. The kitchen is now plastered and ready for installation of the cooker hood. Then paint, tiles and flooring to complete - as is the case with the bathroom. (By the way - the tasks listed are mostly outside my scope - I just need to agree with the Duchess in which order they need doing so I can telephone the people I need to do them! Certainly no DIY-er me!)

It's a short blog entry tonight (for which I guess you're grateful!) but if/when the PC is fixed, there'll be no stopping me - promise!

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Mike Smith said...

Come on Ken - get your hands dirty - it's loads of fun ...

NOT !!