Friday, 9 November 2012

Coming Soon - to A Blog Near You!

An update is being prepared.
Now that the USA trip is done and we have a broadband connection and telephone line at home, I'm working on an update to this blog.
It's been a hectic couple of weeks and I've just not had the time (or the facility with no internet connection at home) to write anything at all.
Footy progresses - the games come thick and fast and I'll brief you on results later although it hasn't been that bad a couple of weeks for Belper Town. With a couple of wins under their belt, the team climbed to 9th a week or so ago (although we've slipped to 10th now!)
Another frustration has been a problem with Jalbum (where I post albums of pics for your delectation!). Turns out I have 2 accounts with them and one, containing all the previous albums I've done, has expired. I renewed it but they somehow renewed the other one and so all my albums would need re-uploading and re-linking.
As I ain't prepared to upload and relink 2 years worth of albums, I've been given a refund of the upgrade fee and switched my allegiance to Flickr "pro"!
Right - brief note done (just to let you know I'm still here basically!) and I'll do a proper entry this weekend but I'll leave you with a pic.....

Sunrise from  Nortoner Towers on Tuesday this week. (And I submitted this to "Yorkshire Calendar Weather Photos" and they used it Tuesday evening! Although it was credited to Keith and not Ken Allsebrook!)

For now - Ah'll sithee

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