Thursday, 27 September 2012

Not a Bad First Outing for the New Camera

Weather could have been better and the result could have been a damn sight better but the pics didn't turn out too badly (although Photoshop Elements got some bash before I submitted them to the Belper Town Forum!)
They are here:
A disappointing evening to say the least. Having taken a 1-0 lead, Belper were absolutey battered by a much more effective Ilkeston side and the final score could have been a lot worse then the 1-5 defeat which was the eventual outcome.
Snapper, like me, was hiding in the stand to avoid the, at times, torrential rain. His record is here:
Not a lot else has happened since the previous post. The next footy is on Saturday - an FA Trophy game against Leamington who are from "dahn Sarf" and are a useful side by all accounts. They have just had a 20 game unbeaten sequence broken with a defeat by Corby Town but are sitting top of the Premier Divison of the Southern equivalent of the league Belper play in.
We might not make the game - we have a tentative arrangement for a friend of my sons (and of ours too of course) to come and strip our kitchen back to basics so he can replaster it. The forecast is good so I'll probably get some garden tidying done.
Besides which, our season tickets don't cover cup game and that means I've already paid for us to get into the last 5 games we've been to! Might have to sell the new camera if that carries on!
Right - lunch over - so that's all for now. See Yer!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Another interesting week... which I "blew the budget" and upgraded my "snapper kit!"

Here's the new gear....

Pic taken with my trusty Canon EOS 300D with 18-55mm "kit" lens!
I traded in my Canon EOS 50D with 18-200mm lens and the EOS 1D Mk II body which I bought off Snapper Harrison a while ago and invested in the EOS 5D Mark III with 24-105mm IS lens and I added the 70-200mm f2.8 lens (killer kit of the pros for under floodlight footy snapping it appears!) Not the IS version - I'm not made of money!!
I had intended it would make it's debut at the Ilkeston FC v Belper Town FA Cup game last Saturday but I was told in no uncertain terms by a steward that the taking of photographs inside the stadium was not allowed. I asked if he was sure because as I understood it, the FA positively encourage people to bring cameras to the early rounds of the FA Cup because it's good publicity. He consulted someone (who must have been REALLY important because he had a different coloured reflective jacket on) and the decision was confirmed.
Maybe I should have dug in my heels (or grovelled as my mate Mossley Smiffy apparently did!) and perhaps could have taken a few pictures but anyway - as I said - Smiffy persisted and managed a few. His record of an excellent 2-2 draw is here:
Have a look at Smiffys blog an all while you're at it - link on the right under "Smiffy's Blog" funnily enough!
It was a hard fought and exciting game and either side could have nicked it. Belper went 1-0 up but were pegged back and with about 15 minutes left, were 1 - 2 down when substitute Ash Longstaff powered in a header. The replay is tonight and if it's not absolutely pouring, the new camera kit will make it's debut at the game. 
On the way home, we diverted via Bakewell (for a bag of chips by the river of course!) and drove back over Froggatt Edge to the Fox House area where I had a chance to test the new camera on an amazing sunset. Here's just one of a lovely set from which I might yet create an album.

Not a lot else to report and since I'm at work, s'pose I'd better gerron wi it as they say.
Report (and hopefully pictures!) follow tonights game - although to be fair, we've had that much rain in the last 24 hours (58mm up here in Sheffield) some fans are asking if it will go ahead!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quick Catch Up (I've been busy OK??!)

A great week for Belper Town FC last week with two wins in two cup competitions and close on £5,000 in prize money banked.
My "deja vu" fears proved groundless as Belper easily beat Matlock Town in the FA Cup replay on Tuesday 11th September. A comfortable 3-0 win was recorded by Snapper Harrison:
Matlock look to have problems and have had a very poor start to the season although I see they've made a couple of good quality signings in the last few days, including Matt Hamshaw - ex Sheffield Wednesday, Mansfield, Notts County and Macclesfield (among others). Good pro is Matt and he should do well there.
The other name we know is Glynn Cotton who up until about a month ago, was a Belper Town player. He had moved on to Frickley Athletic for more cash and a guarantee of games but has now been signed by Matlock. Good player Glynn  and a nice bloke. I had a long chat with him at the replay on Tuesday night. What was said is interesting, but confidential!
Anyway - Belper followed up that win with a trip to Loughborough Dynamo in the FA Trophy last Saturday. Another win - this time a lot tougher 4-3 victory. The problem at the moment is that although we're scoring goals, we're conceding them too which is hard to understand given that in pre season, we looked very solid at the back. I honestly thought that our problem would be scoring, especially with top goalscorer Jon Froggatt injured.
Anyway -  my album from Saturday's 4-3 win is here:
(I'm quite pleased with this set actually - one of my better attempts although - as i've said before - if I can't take good pics when it's bright and sunny, it really would be time to consider packing it in!)
Next up is a trip to Ilkeston in the FA Cup on Saturday - another local derby and another tough game although Ilkeston haven't made a great start to the season.
Other than footy - not a lot to tell apart from growing frustration with some of the numpties running Under-10 teams in the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League. Reporting results etc is not rocket science (although it is all now "online") but honestly - some of 'em shouldn't be let out on their own!
Also - still got hundreds of photos to edit and I promise I'll get some up on here as soon as.
For now - that'll do - although keep an eye on the World Singles Tenpin Bowling Championships takling place in Cyprus this week - my niece Joanne is looking for a medal!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A momentous week!

In which I pretty much decided when I plan to retire!
It looks like February/March 2014 is the target unless something equally momentous happens between now and then.
February because that will mean my present stint (or perhaps that should be sentence!) at the company I work for will be 34 years. March because that would be at the end of a tax year. All of the details need sorting of course but the general plan is now in  place.
The pension plan is a Final Salary scheme which has been (and is!) extremely well managed so that although my monthly income will obviously fall,  the Duchess and I should still be able to manage I reckon! At least (hopefully!) until my State Pension kicks in about a year later.
I originally started work at the company I'm with in 1970 as a mere child of 20 years..
I left in 1978 to go "on the road" as  a sales representative for a steel stockholder in Barnsley. I even had the obligatory Ford Cortina - a 2 litre GL with vinyl roof. My first car in fact. Unfortunately, that job didn't work out and I went back to my present employer as Sales Office Manager in 1980 (2 weeks after I'd left the steel stockholders and as I was just about to "sign on the dole." Very fortunate!)
Anyway - I've obviously seen lots of changes in that time - and not all of them good to be honest but the ship has generally been steered in the right direction. Must have been actually, because from it's original founding in 1792(!!) - the company still exists - in vastly changed form of course.
So - deep breath - fingers crossed.... 18 months will go very quickly if the last 18 is anything to go by!
Football? Well - Belper Town's long unbeaten run in the League came to an end at Market Drayton last weekend where once again, the team pulled back a 2-goal deficit but the difference this time was the opposition grabbed a third to win 3-2. Unfortunately, neither Snapper Harrison or I went so there are no pictures to link to.
Next up was a 1-1 draw with Leek Town at home - I didn't take the camera but Snapper did and here's the record of yet another draw:
The games come thick and fast at this time  of year and the next event was the FA Cup First Qualifying Round tie at near neighbours and fierce rivals Matlock Town. That took place yesterday and what a fantastic game it was!
Another draw - this time 2-2 but this has to be one of the best performances I've seen from a Belper side. From 1-0 down early on, the lads went to 2-1 up with goals from Simon Harrison and Aaron Pride. Matlock nicked a goal to make it 2-2 at half time. How the score stayed at 2-2 through the second half is beyond me! But it did - and the replay is on Tuesday evening at Belper Town.
A really tremendous set of photos by Snapper Harrison complements a terrific game (He had one of his best games an all!!)
I hope we haven't missed our chance to progress in the competition though. I remember a couple of years back we played away at Droylesden in a later round than this and could have nicked it at their place. However, they had sussed us out for the replay and we went out of the Cup that night. Really don't need deja vu on Tuesday! But - we shall see - as they say!
Right - Sunday afternoon and there's Sheffield Junior Sunday League stuff to do - so - laters peeps!