Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hmmmm Looks Like My Readership is Larger than I Thought!

My "Disappointment" post from earlier today has reached a wider than intended audience it seems.
Someone has lifted it and posted it on the Belper Town forum.
That was obviously never my intention and perhaps I was a little naive in believing that a post on my blog during which I vented my spleen and a separate, personal e-mail to the Club Secretary would have been sufficient to sort the matter out.
In fact - I am genuinely amazed that I have a wider readership than I ever realised.
Google Stats certainly doesn't reflect that.
Anyway - I am now firmly in the bad books and have asked for the post on the Forum to be deleted since that was never where it should have gone. So - thanks a bunch whoever you are.
The blog sub heading will now be changed to EXTREMELY carefully considered thoughts from a random  mind if not ceased altogether....
Seems like its more trouble than its worth perhaps.

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