Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Been An Interesting Month....

...with some developments which won't be discussed here but which, collectively, have had a profound effect on my personal philosophy and outlook on life.
Anyway - as I said - that discussion is reserved for another forum.
Life goes on - with no time or inclination to post until now. And again - I don't know why I chose to post now.
Footy is going well. Belper Town are on 12 game unbeaten run and strengthened their grip on the last play off place with a win at Halesowen Town Tuesday night. An important three points because Halesowen have had seven straight wins and were closing in on Belper's 5th place in the league.
We decided that a 3.1/2 hours round trip (plus 90 mins of the game itself) on a  Tuesday night was not on so looked at various fixture lists and planned to go to watch Worksop Parramore in the NCEL Premier Division. A 40 minute drive on a fine evening seemed a grand prospect (anything other than Man U on the telly tbh!)
We set off at 6:15 and were back home just before 7 pm!! About 15 minutes into the journey, at Eckington, we found dense fog and a visibility of around 10  yards!! Although patchy, the fog seemed to be getting worse as we drove on so I aborted the drive and  we headed back home. Turns out the game was called off because of the fog anyway! 
Belper have a tough game coming up on Saturday - Stamford at home. That will be difficult. Stamford are in 2nd place and their current form shows P8, W6, D1, L1, F15, A4.   Compared to Belper's P8, W5, D3,  L0, F24, A8. So it's a 3 goals per game Belper attack against a defence that's conceded an average of a half a goal per game. Got 0-0 written all over it? (Mind you - I'd take that if it were offered now.) We gotta be there early - Ops Committee meeting at noon.
Photography? - well - got the camera back and all seems fine. Done a couple of football "shoots" which came out quite well and last Saturday, as Belper were away somewhere in the wilds of Leicestershire, we decided to have a trip to the Old Moor RSPB reserve at Wath-on-Dearne as it was an absolutely glorious day. We had a terrific time and I managed some cracking pictures of various birds, grasses, sheep (??) etc (big headed maybe - but I'm proud of 'em!) I'm sorting an album out when  I get a moment and a link will appear here soon.
So - another week toward retirement is passing as quickly as the rest of my life! I'm not sure yet if I'm totally convinced retiring is something to look forward to or to dread - we'll have to wait and see eh?

Attending the funeral of a mate we've known for around 30 years doesn't help the mood any. Pete was 68 - which is no age these days - and had been involved with the Junior League for all of the time we've known him. He lived just around the corner from us and will be missed - RIP Socks!
Gonna close this now - before I get even more morose........

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