Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brand & Ross - what a pair of prats!

I see there is a massive demand for the sacking of Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand after their inane and offensive "prank". Amen to that!
(For my friends overseas who may not know - during a radio show they left obscene messages on 78-year old actor Andrew Sachs' answering machine including claims that Brand had slept with Sachs' grandaughter)

It matters not that Sachs grandaughter performs in a risque burlesque show - the messages were left on Sachs machine and which ever way you look at it, their actions were totally out of order.

Brand has reportedly apologised but added that he still thinks the "prank" was funny!

The BBC (so, indirectly, we the licence fee payers) pay these numptys vast amounts of money when neither has any sort of talent. They are both so far up their own backsides they can see their own tonsils.

Sack them both BBC - and in the case of Ross - don't even consider paying up his £18 million 3-year contract!

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