Sunday, 26 October 2008

Didn't We Have A Luverly Time The Day We Went To Droylsden?

Droylsden 0 - 0 Belper Town. FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round.

The Duchess and I decided to turn our visit to this game to support Belper Town into a bit of a "day out" so we got a train from Sheffield, bus from Piccadilly, Manchester and returned "vice versa." The station in Sheffield looks a lot better since they threw some money at it:-

Turned out to be a good idea on the whole, although the weather wasn't great and if I'd known we'd have to pay 30 pence each for a "pee" at Piccadilly Station, we would have had a leak for free on the train! Wouldn't mind but at that price I expected gold plated taps and efficient hand driers - got neither of those of course!

The game was a good one and a draw probably a fair result. More description can be found on Belper Town's forum:-

This post is more about the journey which, I suppose was reasonably good. It's not that long since I was on a train to Manchester (actually, in April 2008) but the trains in both directions were absolutely packed! We were lucky enough to get seats in both directions and even though it was not a long journey, I felt sorry for those who had to stand. The other noticeable thing was that we were never asked for our tickets. We could have got there and back for "nowt" I reckon! An extra carriage each way might have helped perhaps?

Anyway, we got back home about 7:30 pm which, I guess, isn't that bad! And the rain didn't put that much of a dampener on the day! Looking forward to the replay on Tuesday night now! I'll tell you all about it ASAP!

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