Sunday, 26 October 2008

Now I Reckon I had a Reasonable Education......

... I went to Firth Park Grammar School and majored in English and English Literature. (A long time ago but I reckon I did OK at the subjects concerned.)

But can someone please explain to me what 'class war, anarcho-syndicalists, eco-anarchists, marxist-autonomists, stirnerites, Tolystoyans, mutual-aiders and punks' are?

An article in our local newspaper (The Sheffield Star) reports a group of nine people calling themselves "Underclass Rising", describing themselves as detailed above and headed by an individual rejoicing in the name of "Mark Moses Wallis" have broken into an unoccupied Grade II listed building in Sheffield and are threatening to barricade themselves in. They claim they have taken the action to draw attention to "poorly secured listed premises."

The building's owner claims the building was secure before the "anarchists and urban explorers" (again, what the ????? are they) broke in and he is even more angry about the fact that the local police force said "Officers did attend this incident, however due to a high volume of emergency calls at the time, there was a delay in our response."
As I said what the heck are "stirnerites" etc? And what gives them the right to break the law and occupy other people's property?

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