Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bad Memories.... RIP

I didn't think the memorial on the 20th Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster would bother me as much as it did.

We were there that day (my son, myself and a work colleague) having got tickets through one of our suppliers at work.

My colleague's son was a massive Liverpool fan (he even went to Liverpool University so he could see the Reds regularly) and he was one of those hauled out of the lower tier to the upper tier of the Leppings Lane end, although we didn't know that the lad was OK until we were eventually let out of the stadium.

Fortunately, I had shown the Duchess where we were sitting in the South Stand on a map of the stadium before the game so whilst she was sitting at home watching on TV, she knew we were probably OK. (No mobile phones in those days!)

My son seemed to feel it most. He was 15 at the time and later that evening, I found him sitting on his bed staring at the floor. I asked if he was OK and he replied "It was just a football match Dad. Why did people have to die?"

It was a long, long time before either of us went to a professional game again.

I don't profess to know the reasons why this happened and that topic has been debated long and hard enough over the years but so long as we remember those who lost their lives and make sure future generations never forget it either - that is the priority in my mind.

Oh and re photos of the Carlton game on Monday..... I know I promised to post some but I simply haven't felt like it to be honest.

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