Thursday, 2 April 2009

I will defend anyone's right to protest....

... but can anyone tell me what is achieved by smashing the windows at the RBS in London and stealing computers? (Apart from some 30 seconds of fame as the media cameramen grab the images).

That is not and never can be legitimate protest. By all means sit in the street and cause obstruction, march and shout/sing your protest but what was seen on TV News last night was mindless vandalism caused by professional troublemakers whose only interest is in causing as much damage to property and policemen as possible.

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Penfold said...

Didn't see it Ken, but seriously, what makes you believe half of "that lot" are honest protesters?
They're no better than footy thugs etc.
Just an excuse for a good old rampage and mayhem making.
true protesters must react with horror, as it's their cause gettingg knackered up.

Just my thoughts good sir.