Sunday, 13 December 2009

Didn't intend this to be a Weekly Blog.....

.. but I'm afraid that's how it's turning out! So - the last week -

Tuesday (Mondays should be ignored wherever possible): evening - dinner with my niece and family and friends. A really good night although I missed Belper 4--0 Grantham in the Unibond President's Cup 1/4-final. Another excellent performance by all accounts. The indefatigable Mr Harrison's pictures from the game are here.

Also received confirmation from the hospital that the CT scan shows a kidney stone, about 7mm in diameter is wedged in the bottom of the pipe that drains my right kidney. There are also very small stones in both kidneys but they are of little significance, apparently.

Wednesday: arranged an appointment for Wednesday 16th December to go for a lithotripsy (I've had just about all the "oscopys" and am now starting on the "ipsys") They will blast the stone with ultrasound to try to break it into small fragments which may be "peed out." The leaflet with the confirmation letter says I will feel discomfort rather than pain but suggests I get someone to drive me home because of the likely "discomfort" and, by the way, they will have painkillers on hand should I need them. (Oh! I see-- THAT sort of discomfort!)

Thursday/Friday - unexceptional days really - only real highlight was a call from my son and daughter-in-law who rang on Friday evening for a chat before they set off for New York on Saturday morning.

Saturday: A poor day all round! Belper Town lost their unbeaten home record to a 90th minute goal scored by Lincoln Utd,  the team in 3rd bottom place in the division. What made it worse was the manner of the defeat. Belper just were not at the races at all (or maybe they WERE at the races, that's why the performance was so poor - their minds were somewhere else.) If you really wannna see the debacle - Tim was there as ever and his pictures are here:

It may have something to do with the fact that Eastwood Town, a team from 2 divisions above Belper, have made a bid for our star midfield man Lee Stevenson. Lee has already scored 21 goals this season, on top of 29 last year and is obviously attracting much interest. Maybe the speculation unsettled the team. I don't know.

I didn't take my camera again - to be honest - I've lost a bit of confidence when it comes to photographing football and I must confess I've been enjoying watching the games "naturally" rather than through the lens.  Besides, I've been using the camera for other things, like taking pictures of plant and machinery at work for inclusion in a presentation they are doing and for an exhibition in Paris next April.

My dismal Saturday was finally completed when Leicester City hammered my other favourite team - Sheffield Wednesday - who as a result, dropped into the relegation places.

Sunday: Listened to the Archers Omnibus edition on Radio 4, had a sandwich, then me and the Duchess popped into Sheffield to pick up a couple of Christmas presents. A cuppa on our return then get the decorations down from the loft before settling down at the PC to get the blog up to date.... and that's where you now are - up-to-date (Oh - and Sheffield Wednesday fired the manager this morning - wonder what happens next.)

(Just re-read this lot - What a rich tapestry my life is!!)

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