Tuesday, 1 December 2009

When did.......

A room become a "Space"?

A problem become an "Issue"?

An epidemic become a "Pandemic"?

An appearance on a "Reality" (reality my arse!)  TV Show by an overpaid Z-list celebrity become a "Journey"?

It become necessary for TV presenters to "beat out" their every syllable with a hand gesture. It used to be every word but now it's every blessed syllable. Cut off their arms and they wouldn't be able to speak.

Or maybe I'm just watching too much TV?


Mike Smith said...

So when did Personnel become HR ? When people forgot how to spell tricky words probably :-)

Think I better get the word verification thingummy - my Nov 9th post keeps getting hit by someone Chinese (simplified) !!

Nortoner said...

Not sure how to do the word verification thingummy - not even sure what it is!!
(Happy Birthday for yesterday too by the way! And....when did "By the Way" become BTW? - Lol!)