Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas guys........

Lots to tell you since my last post but most of it is boring so I'll make this brief!!

The weather has been at the forefront of most people's minds and it has caused us an unusual problem. My son Mark and his wife Dvora went to New York for a short break about two weeks ago. The plan was to get back to Holland on the 20th December and drive over here for Christmas with us on the 22nd.

On the weekend they were due to leave the USA, they should have flown from NYC to Washington but Washington had 2ft of snow and NYC had 18" or so! They've been "stranded" in New York since Sunday! As we speak, they should be on a plane heading for Philadelphia and from there they should fly to Amsterdam this evening  (Christmas Eve) They'll be home in Rotterdam by noon on Christmas Day.

They now plan to have "Christmas" with us around the end of January and the celebration will be combined with my 60th birthday.

Anyway - other updates..... I have to have another lithotripsy (kidney stone treatment) on 13th January.

I've been on holiday from work since 18th December and don't go back until 4th January 2010 and, inspired by my mate Mossley Smiffy (see Six Tames Sides" blog link on right) - I've been out and about in the snow with the camera.

Hope you enjoy these and as I said - Have a Great Christmas!


Mike Smith said...

Happy Christmas to you too Kenneth - and the Duchess of course !

(and keep an eye on your pictures in case they appear - uncredited - in local newspapers ... grrrr !)

Nortoner said...

Can't believe that Mike - the bloody cheek! (Now I know why my son always "hides" a "copyright" reference in his pictures!)