Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday morning - blogging down....

....(to paraphrase Johnny Cash!)

Wednesday and Thursday saw the Duchess recovering in hospital from her hip surgery.

Our son was here until Thursday when I took him to Doncaster airport to head back home. His company is in the middle of moving offices to the centre of Rotterdam. Friday was the day they had to move from the old premises and he naturally wanted to be there for that.

Friday afternoon - collected the Duchess from hospital and brought her home. Fish and Chips for tea went down really well!

Her mobility is hampered of course and we now have a walking frame upstairs and her crutches downstairs. The recovery plan includes walking every day (with the crutches of course!) and the physiotherapist suggests walking to the first lamp post on the street on Day One, then the second lamp post on Day Two and so on - (after a week, she'll be 7 lamp posts away!!.......... Boom Boom!!!)

Because she's been cooped up for a week, we had a short drive out to Ladybower on Saturday afternoon. The Duchess isn't allowed to stand for 90 minutes at a football game yet and the seats at most grounds are not conducive to "sitting comfortably" so we couldn't go to watch Belper at Quorn. It would have been a bit too much on her first day out!

Took the camera of course.........

We'd missed the best of the sunshine but some of the colours were still there!

As for Belper Town - they lost 2-0 and from the comments on the Fans Forum - it was a good game to miss. Described by some (including one of the senior players) as the worst performance of the season!

Tim Harrisons excellent album is here:

We're hoping to get to the Belper home game v Spalding on November 13th - we're sponsoring the match ball and so we really want to be there if possible!

Today should be car cleaning day but at the moment it's grey and misty and simply too damp to do it. Hopefully the weather will clear a bit so I can get it done. It's never been this dirty since I got it!

There's also the house cleaning, pots to wash etc (the Duchess is still doing the cooking - she doesn't need food poisoning to hinder her recovery!)

Next week - we'll set up a routine to get her up and organised before I go to work. I'm fortunate in that my boss has told me to take what time I need and I can do some of my work from home so things will be a bit "flexible" until we get sorted.

Anyway - nearly lunchtime so I'd best get on.... a man's work is never done (to paraphrase the old saying!)

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