Sunday, 9 January 2011

One week down - 51 more to go!

And here's where the week went.....

Monday - Belper Town were away at Carlton FC but since this was my last day off before going back to work we decided to do something different and made the short trip to Potteric Carr, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Reserve near Doncaster. Wasn't the best of days but the Duchess walked a good 2 miles around the place as her leg strengthens almost daily. There wasn't a lot happening. The site is mainly reed marsh and the water was still frozen. Got a couple of nice shots though....

Our first visit but probably not our last. And whilst we were there, Belper Town were inflicting a 3-0 defeat on a team who had only lost two league games all season. Carlton finished with 9 men and it sounds like an exciting game! Oh well - pity we missed it but Tim Harrison was there and, as ever - here's his record...

Tuesday - back to work but the good news is that the Duchess took her car for a drive. Her first outing (well, driving outing) and she really enjoyed it - but after 10 weeks without driving - who wouldn't?

Wednesday - same old, same old at work. We're busy and there's no sign of it slacking. Thank goodness! Oh - and the Duchess continued her rehabilitation with a good walk of some two miles or more down to the Woodseats shopping area. (She got the bus back up the hill though - mind you - she used to do that before the op! Neither of us do hills really!)

Thursday - Another busy day at work but the Duchess rested up - she was "feeling" her leg a bit - probably down to the  two separate 2 mile walks and the driving on Tuesday.

Friday - Early finish day but we thought the day might end even earlier when it started snowing very heavily during the morning. Over an inch of snow was dumped very quickly on the Sheffield area. Fortunately, it was wet snow and although there was some disruption - it wasn't too bad. The view from the office - mid-morning:

It didn't stop the supermarket run in the afternoon though.

Saturday - overnight rain  had cleared the snow so we went to Belper to watch the Nailers play Stamford FC. I didn't bother with the camera. All of my footy pics are beginning to look the same. The only difference is the colour of the opposition's shirts! In an end-to-end game, Belper lost 5-4 but it should have been a win. A golden opportunity was missed just before half time when we were winning 2-1 and another sitter went begging early in  the second half. Take those two chances and it's 4-1 to Belper and might have been different. There is some excuse for what was basically a poor defensive display. Matt Plant, regular centre back, was missing with a knee injury and his "understudy" Craig Laight, was also injured. In effect we had one fit centre back. Anyway - Tim got the action as usual.....

Sunday - listened to the Archers Omnibus then took some pictures of birds in the garden. Amongst the more unusual visitors was a fieldfare:

And a sight I've never seen before - a huge flock of Waxwings descended on the trees opposite the house. Wish I'd managed some better shots of these birds but here's the best of the five I snapped

Waxwings are regular visitors to the UK between November and March but they don't often come as far into suburbia as we are! They live in Northern Scandinavia and the chances of seeing them here are enhanced if we have a good "berry Autumn." The flock numbered around 50 at a guess.

After lunch we went for a short drive down to Calver and Ashford-In-The-Water. I took pictures but am still editing them. In any case - I've posted pics of these spots before so I'll not bore you any further!

Home to Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding and the Duchess settled down to watch Dancing On Ice which is why you're getting this blog posting - and an extra long one at that!

Now - can't think of anything else to tell you so I'll go and mentally prepare myself for Monday morning - and - would you believe - I'm developing a head cold. Monday morning and  a head cold - Smashing! Can't wait!

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