Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another busy week.....

.. and first of all - the promised album of our "York Day Out" is here - have a look if you like - no obligation or charge. (But they are all copyrighted so look but don't pinch please!)

sorry it took so long - as I said it's been a busy week.

Monday - Busy as usual. Work in the morning - docs in the afternoon. He doesn't know exactly what was causing the pain in my side but he's sure it's not another kidney stone. Would you believe that apparently, a very bad dose of indigestion or constipation can cause pain which lingers after the symptoms clear? Anyway since we didn't get my "birthday meal" in York on Friday - we went to the Bowshaw Carvery for dinner after I got back from the surgery.

Tuesday - Cracking game of footy at Belper Town. President's Cup. Losing 2-0 after 60 minutes but a remarkable comback - three goals in the last 30 minutes - brought a 3-2 win. Pity there were only 83 people there to see it!

I took the camera and got some nice shots but as ever, Snapper Harrison's are better! And they are here:

Wednesday - morning in the office then flew with a colleague to Dusseldorf for a Thursday meeting with our best European client. Wiener Schnitzel for dinner - lovely grub!

Thursday - In Germany and a constructive meeting then lunch at a 13th Century "Schloss" just around the corner. Cracking Rump Steak!! Then caught an early evening flight back to Manchester and drove home over the Snake Pass. A frustrating drive - stuck behind a 25 mph merchant who braked before every bend on the climb up from Glossop and practically stopped if something came the other way! I eventuallly got past him but then, a bit nearer to Ladybower, we came around a bend and there was a dead badger in the middle of the road. I had no choice but to brake and steer the wheels either side of the corpse. (Swerving wasn't an option - we'd have gone off the road into the trees.) There was a "bump-bump-bump" noise from under the car as we drove over the body but (it seems anyway) no serious damage resulted. The car is booked into the garage next week for checks (and to scrape badger blood and fur off the underside!)

Friday - busy morning at work then in the afternoon - The Duchess let me rest whilst she did the supermarket run on her own (she's a star you know!!) But it's a bit worrying that I seem to need an afternoon nap more often these days!

Saturday - up as usual about 6:30 and it was great to realise there was no need to go and pay homage to Saint Morrison (thanks again Duchess!) Took an hour out to do the RSPB "Big Garden Birdwatch". This takes place every year and involves sitting by the bedroom window with a cup of tea and recording how many of each individual species of wild birds visit the back garden in one hour. (I am extremely good at sitting by the window with a cuppa incidentally!) The results are submitted on the RSPB website and since it's a nationwide thing, the survey is a massive one!

After a full English "Brunch" we picked up my mate Joe and headed off to see Belper Town v Kidsgrove. We lost 0-1 but there is often no justice in football! Kidsgrove are a good side but we matched them for enough of the game to deserve a point I thought. Disappointing result but an encouraging performance, particulary from two new signings - centre back Matt McKenzie and left back Liam Davies. The Belper Man-of-the Match was goalkeeeper Ali Barcherini. As well as saving a penalty, he pulled off at least 3 other terrific saves too.

I got one or two reasonable shots - here's a couple showing Ali saving the pen:

......but for the proper story - you need to see to Mr. Harrison's record of the game:

OK  that'll do for now. I'm going to do what I should do more often and back up the PC to my external hard drive. I'll post again soon but next week is another busy one when inconveniences like work will limit my time!

See Yer!

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