Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We knew her before she was famous.......

Ms Sian Massey - centre of a hoo-haa because of sexist comments made by those two idiots Andy Gray and Richard Keys - actually reffed a game at Belper Town back in January 2010:

My blog comment at the time:

The referee was also a lady - and to be fair - she had a smashing game - one of the best officials we've seen at the Meadow I think. She stood no nonsense from the players or managers and could be heard, on more than one occasion, telling assorted "moaners" on the pitch to "Shut your mouth and get on with the game!"

A comment endorsed by Snapper Harrison in his photo album from the game and by several others at the match as I recall.

I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of women's football per se but female involvement in the game is a fact of life and to be fair, without the female administrators like the Duchess, physios (how many male physios do you see at Evo-Stik League level) and an increasing number of referees - we'd be struggling to get games on I reckon. 

Thing is - Ms Massey got the big "offside?" call in the game she lined at the weekend exactly right as she got all of her decisions right at the Meadows in January last year.

Blokes like Gray and Keys - and to some extent - certain people at our level - who think women should be at home doing the ironing are way off line.

Finally, I like the comment by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning when he said "What does Keys know anyway - he just does good chimpanzee impressions."


Mike Smith said...

Remember it Ken - I was there too ! Very firm as I recall - and no reason why she should not progress through the system ...

Nortoner said...

That was the game when Andy Rushbury broke his arm - another reason to remember it.
I reckon she did fine - and the best way to judge a ref, for me, is if you don't notice him/her during the game. After 5 or 10 minutes, the novelty had worn off and she was just "the ref."