Sunday, 24 July 2011

It Was Good To Go To Footy Again!

South Normanton Athletic  v Belper Town to be precise. Pre-season friendly which Belper won 2-1. It's the first footy I've "photo'd" in a while but the results aren't bad!

First of all - the official pics from "Snapper" Tim Harrison:

And my album is here:

Tim's pics are to his usual high standard but I'm quite pleased with my effort. Made a couple of adjustments to my usual settings and mostly, the experiments came off! Mind you if you can't take reasonable pictures on a sunny July Saturday..............

Good game this. It was encouraging to see Belper Town retaining possession of the ball and also stringing some nice passing sequences together. South Normanton are about 3 leagues below Belper Town so you'd probably expect a bigger win than 2-1. However they are a good side and gave the Belper lads an excellent workout. Encouraging signs for the new season!

The Duchess and I both agreed that we'd missed the footy but more than that - we've missed the friends we'd made at the Club. Dave Laughlin, Snapper, Nigel, Hugh, Rich, to name but a few, so it's more of less decided that we'll have season tickets again!

It was much the same with our holiday. After 18 years of the same vacation, we wondered if a change might be necessary especially as its our 40th wedding anniversary next year and so we should perhaps do something special. As we were driving around Lincolnshire in the 2nd week of the holiday, we both agreed that we'd miss Horncastle, Elmhirst Lakes and the fishing so we have booked again for next year.

We're going a week later than usual because the "special" holiday we're hoping to fit in is a few days in Holland with our son and daughter-in-law in the Spring. Thats the plan anyway!

OK - another weekend has flown by - must be having fun then eh?

See yer later.

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