Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lots going on this week....

Wednesday evening - trip to Retford Utd to watch Belper Town lose 1-0!


Real pressure on this one! Tim Snapper Harrison missed the game so mine are the only BTFC pictures! Not my best set but at least the game is recorded.

Thursday - after a hectic work day and our evening meal - we had a little drive "up the dams" - Ladybower and Derwent for those who don't know. We actually stayed out later than planned because as we parked up near Upper Howden dam, the Duchess spotted some buzzards enjoying the thermals coming off the hills. They were about a quarter mile away but the big lens brought them a little closer. Turns out it was probably a mother teaching her fledgling how to hunt. Fascinating - and we watched with the camera and the binoculars for a good 20 minutes before heading back.

Earlier in the day, I spotted a family of swans on the canal at the back of our steelworks! Turns out the blokes in the plant have been feeding them for a few weeks and they are now almost tame! (The swans that is - not the blokes!)

Even earlier than this - as I was getting my breakfast cuppa at 6 a.m., spotted a juvenile goldfinch on the feeders in the garden - through the kitchen window - and me half asleep so its not a great shot but still nice!

Friday - after work (early finish day!) we did the supermarket run and then nipped down to the fishing tackle shop to pick up some bits and pieces for the fishing match I was taking part in on Saturday. Rounded the day off with dinner at the Bowshaw Carvery. Very nice!

Saturday - a grand day at the fishing match, Although I actually finished around 13th of 16 entrants (not my most prestigious attempt then!) It's a nice little fishery - Side Farm Fisheries at Thurcroft - and it's only a 40 minute drive from home. I caught about a dozen fish - although only one of any note - and to be honest - when I pulled in a couple of small perch, I debated whether to throw the fish back and weigh in the maggot - which was almost as big!

Back home mid afternoon while Belper Town were beating Long Eaton Utd in a pre-season game. Snapper Harrison recorded the game:

Grand album yet again Mr. H!

More bird-spotting in the late afternoon, again in the back garden and again, a new "spot" for us - this time - a treecreeper! See how well camoflaged he is in the big old apple tree at the top of the garden.

Here's a couple more:

Finally for now - in a week when I took alot of pictures - I wanted to show you this one - yet another "first" - this time a butterfly in our garden -

It's called a Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown and Yorkshire/Lancashire is about the northern extent of its territory. There were 5 of them in the garden and I have to say, I reckon this is my "shot of the week."

Right - enough for now - gonna grab a sandwich then get the lawnmower and hedge trimmers out before the weather breaks (as it will do tomorrow apparently.)

See yer!

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