Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Still working on the pics!

It's been a busy week - as all first weeks back after holiday are - and I am still working on pictures editing.

But I had to tell you - the main event of the week so far is the launching of our new website ...

Have a look. I think it's brilliant. But I'm biased - it was designed and created by my sons company in Holland "Everybody Can Design" - link on the right to see more of their work. And if you need help with your company's image - their rates are very reasonable!

Promise holidays pictures soon. Honest!

Looking forward to footy at the weekend. South Normanton v Belper Town in a pre-season friendly. I'll take the cameras and might get some photos!



Mike Smith said...


Might be my computer - might not - but the "Contact Us" page isn't looking quite right to me - pass it on


Nortoner said...

Think its your PC mate!

Everyone else who has looked sees it fine. Developers say might be to do with the browser you're running.

You aren't doing Windows 98 with IE6 or summat are you?