Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Poorly sick - and suffering!

Started with what seemed just a bit of a head cold on Friday mid-morning but it's developed into something really nasty. Coughing, Sneezing, sore throat, headache - probably man flu.

So - gave work a miss today because I only got about an hours sleep last night and feel really shocking. I plan to try to get into see the doctor tomorrow cos I think I've pulled a muscle in my rib area with the coughing and stuff.

Anyway - on Saturday, Belper's trip to Curzon Ashton proved as difficult as expected and the lads came away having lost 2-1 to a good Curzon side. Tim was there and recorded the action:

and there's another good set from Mossley Smiffy - his firsat sight of Belper this season:

On Sunday - before this pig of a cold really kicked in - we made the short trip to Whirlow Park in Sheffield. This was where we held our wedding reception many moons ago (in fact, it will be 40 years ago on May 20th 2012!) and it was interesting to have a look all these years later. It's changed a lot of course but a couple of locations in the gardens brought back memories!!

1972 - and a mere slip of a lad! (need a haircut tho!)
 2011 - and it's a different bench!

There's a lovely walk down through the woods (and as it's downhill - I loved it!) Got some nice shots of the autumn colours, saw a flock of Mandarin ducks and generally enjoyed the warm sunshine.

I like this sort of shot   - light through leaves

 Mandarins - getting frisky!

Then on to Redmires Dam where we saw another "first" for us. There were Crossbills in the conifer tree tops. An unusual visitor for our part of the world. I managed to sneak a couple of shots the best of which is this one - edited and cropped of course - pushing the 500mm telephoto to the limit!
Also got some nice pics of gulls in flight - in fact - I think I'll knock up an album of the day. I'll post it ASAP.

Monday - went in to the office but only managed until lunchtime when I had to come home (having infected everyone of course!). Spent the majority of the afternoon asleep and feeling sorry for myself.

Right - I'm tired again now - took some paracetomol an hour or so ago and think they are "kicking in". We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Must get fit for Saturday - Belper Town at home to Stamford. Looking forward to that.

Going to bed now - I'll work on the "Whirlow/Redmires" album tomorrow maybe. We'll see.

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Penfold said...

LOvely shots Ken old chap....loving the mandarins (beautiful colours) and always love to see crossbills with there, well, crossed bills (you know what I mean, they look so odd, yet so lovely too)...more!!!!