Thursday, 24 November 2011

Buddy Marvellous!!

Quick post to tell you about a new experience (for me anyway!)

Last night we went to Sheffield's Lyceum Theatre to see the Buddy Holly story - a musical, obviously.

Now, bear in mind that I have been to the theatre only twice in my life. Once as an "enforced" school trip (Macbeth - part of my English Literature O Level course) and once to see a pantomime (Oh yes I did!).

Never seen a musical or a play (I know - philistine!) except on telly and to be honest - I was a bit sceptical about what we might see. BUT - it was an absolutely fabulous evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it! It's only on in Sheffield for this week and it's really worth a look.

The cast are not household names and I half expected it to be a bit "Amateur Dramitics" but it was very well presented and I was surprised to see the cast actually playing the instruments. I'd half expected them to "mime" the guitar playing to backing tracks but they are all talented musicians in their own right.

Buddy Holly died in 1959 and as we left the theatre we were speculating on which of today's stars will still be having their music played in 60 years time.... not many, if any at all.

Oh - and Belper Town won away at Goole on Tuesday - 3-0 and according to the match report, deserved the win. Snapper Harrison didn't go and neither did I so there's no pictures to link. Good that the losing streak has ended but another tough game beckons on Saturday - Carlton Town at home. There'll be pictures of that one I promise you!

Finally for now - just to fetch me back down from the two "highs" detailed above, the Duchess called me to say I've got a letter from the tax man who says I owe him £309. Amazing innit. You can never seem to get a pound in front. We've just been awarded  a 3% pay rise, effective first of November and since today is pay day - that's hopefully gone in the bank - on the same day I get a bill for £309.

Better close this now - I'm at work waiting for some info to let me progress a job I'm doing - better gerron wi it then.

See yer!

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