Thursday, 10 November 2011

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It really was a super day.

Before this awful cold broke, I had booked Thursday and Friday of this week off work as "floating day" holidays.

This morning, in  my first venture outside since Monday, I accompanied the Duchess to the optician's for a check up. Good news is that her eyes are "healthy" and there is no prescription change from her last examination.

After that, we went down to the Meadowhall Retail Park (not the Mall), specifically to Hobbycraft, because she needed some bits and pieces to start making christmas cards. We actually bumped into some old friends and me and Mr. B had a good owd natter while the ladies compared notes on card-making. Before we knew it, we'd been in there nearly two hours. (The only time I've ever really enjoyed Hobbycraft to be honest!!!! Just joking Duchess!)

We decided to have lunch at the big Morrisons supermarket by the Parkway and when we were through, drove the short distance to Catcliffe Flash, a small dam near Brinsworth. There's a lay-by where you can sit and watch the waterfowl. (And there's always a pair of binoculars and a "bird book" in the car!)

It wasn't the greatest of days weather-wise but we enjoyed an hour and saw Shovellers, Pochard, Wigeon and three Herons as well as the more usual Mallard, Coot and Black Headed Gulls. A family of 5 swans was there too.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me but the visit made our minds up about what to do with tomorrow's day off! No matter what the weather - it's up early, get the supermarket run done, then drive to Potteric Carr, just off the A1, for a spot more bird watching and photography!

We are now waiting for a bloke to call with a new iPhone for me. I have a 3GS and the case has cracked. I reported it to Orange yesterday (I pay Orange Care Insurance) and they'll bring me a replacement this evening between 6 and 10 pm!

I'm feeling better generally - still got a hacking chesty cough (it wasn't this bad when I smoked for Gawd's sake!) but it's easing. Another good nights sleep tonight and that should see it sorted - although the Duchess isn't showing any major signs of having caught it but I think she will - don't you?!

Right steak is cooking so I'll go and tuck in for the benefit of my health. (They say you should feed a cold don't they?)

See Yer Later!

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