Monday, 13 August 2012

Not A Bad Weekend At All, Thanks!

A summary:

Friday afternoon - Old Moor RSPB Reserve for 3 or 4 hours. Got some lovely shots of Green Sandpiper, Snipe (both never "shot" before), Lapwing and Greenshank. Home about 7:30 pm - bag o' chips and a cuppa. Photos follow when I get a minute.

Saturday afternoon - Belper Town 2-0 Stocksbridge in the last of the pre season friendly games. A well deserved win earned through some of the best footy I've seen the side play pre-season. My pics are here:

And Snapper Harrison's are here:

As Snapper said - looks like we got that one covered between us!

Sunday - Archers omnibus, quick sandwich, then a couple of hours in the front garden, trying to make it look a little more respectable! Think I managed it! Then a couple of hours photo editing before settling down to learn how to enter the new season's Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League Under-10s fixtures onto the internet! What a task that is but my teacher is The Duchess so thats a massive help.

Now back at work. An enjoyable weekend as I said but don't they fly by fast?

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