Thursday, 30 August 2012

T'neets are drawing in.....

Or rather - the mornings are darker. That time of year when I get out of bed at 6 a.m. as usual, I now have to put the kitchen light on to make a cuppa. I hate that! Oh well - just hope next spring arrives as quickly as this autumn has appeared.
Been a bit(!) busy with Sheffield Junior League stuff this last week or more. The new season starts Sunday 2nd September and as ever, half the numpties out there haven't got their player registration forms in and the other half want to rearrange games because "My players are on holiday", "My manager is on holiday" "Our Club Secretary is on holiday" etc., etc., They've only had since 1st June to get organised so I suppose its understandable that on the eve of the season, they are not sorted. After all - 3 months isn't really that long is it?!?
Anyway - proper footy - and a bit to tell you.
The FA Cup "local derby" went smoothly - as far as Belper Town are concerned at least - as we eased through with a scoreline of Holbrook 1 - 6 Belper Town. The next round won't be half so comfortable - away at Matlock Town - Belper's fiercest rivals from a division higher so it will be a lot more difficult.   
Pictures from the Holbrook game are here:
Snapper couldn't make it but another good mate (and good photographer too come to that) was there. See Mossley Smiffy's album here: (With his fancy new lens an all!)

Next up was Bank Holiday Monday and a visit from Sheffield FC. - The pseudo-Yorkshire team had started the league campaign with a 6-1 win and the a 1-2 defeat.
A good game ended in Belper's third league draw in a row. For the second time in a week the lads fought back from 0-2 down to take a point and in the end, could (perhaps should?) have won it. A very good match report is on the Belper Town web site and it's well worth a read - go to:
My photo album from the game is here:
and Snapper Harrison decided to put in an appearance too:

So - draw number three and we're back to half empty or half full?

On Saturday - the Nailers travel to Market Drayton which the Duchess and I have decided is too long a trek so we're going to the RSPB Reserve at Blacktoft Sands (near Goole), for a spot of bird-watching and snapping instead. The forecast is for a nice, warm, late summer day so should be fun!
Tarra for now tho!

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