Monday, 10 November 2008

Belper 1-1 Goole Town... Then the lights went out - Saturday 8th November 2008

Well, to be truthful, the problem was that some of them never came on!. After 70 minutes, the ref decided that the game could not continue. I think he realised that Belper looked likely to score and it was better to abandon it at 1 - 1 rather than with one team leading and 10 mins left!

Mind you - it WAS pretty dark by the time he said "Enough!" as the above shot (taken after 75 mins) shows. (1600 ISO with 1/125th shutter).
Anyway the debate in the bar afterwards centred on whether Ben Walker's suspension had been served and if the three yellow cards picked up by Belper players still stand? (Ant Wilson's spectaular "overhead kick" goal will certainly be wiped from the record!) Who knows? We shall have to wait and see!

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