Friday, 7 November 2008

Things that make you go ... GRRRRR!!!!

After a hard week - a rant on a Friday gets it all off your chest..... 2 stories that made me growl this week.........

"Abandon the Red Poppy and wear a White one!"
Christians should think about wearing white poppies to mark Remembrance Day, rather than red ones, a religious think tank has advocated.
The group, called Ekklesia, believes the traditional red variety of poppy is "politically correct" - and less Christian than white ones.

It says the red poppy implies redemption can come through war, whereas a white poppy would suggest redemption through Christian belief.
The red poppy has been worn on lapels since after the end of World War One to honour those who died in battle.
The flower was chosen because it flourished in the fields of Flanders where millions of soldiers perished in trench warfare.

What a load of old Poppy!

and whilst we're at it.....

Poppy appeal loses money due to 'bureaucracy gone mad'
POPPY Appeal organisers say they are losing £700 a day because their stall has been forced to move from its normal spot due to 'red tape'.
The stand, manned by the Newark and Royal British Legion, has been on the corner of the Market Place beside the bank and the Town Hall in Newark for 50 years. This year the highways department at Notts County Council realised the pitch is on an area designated as highways.
Officials insisted those who run the stall must have a licence. Now the poppy stand has been moved to the centre of the Market Place where organisers claim a lot of people have been unable to find it.

Poppy Appeal organiser Geoffrey Meakin said: "No one for the county council has told us why we have been moved. They say we are an obstruction, which is not true.''
Legion member Chris Green said: "The effect is a loss of £700 a day because our supporters cannot find the stand.

A county council spokesman said: "For safety reasons it was important that the previous practice of placing charity stalls in front of the bank should cease as it is important that emergency and other access is maintained."

(Poppys have been sold on the site for 50 years but now some jumped up jobsworth says "Stop it.! It's dangerous!!")

What a load of old Poppy!.
An illustration in two stories of how political correctness and health and safety constraints have got totally out of proportion!

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