Saturday, 22 November 2008

Greetings from Fremont Ohio, USA

Made it to the weekend.... Yesterday, I woke in Montreal and met with my client. After lunch, flew from Montreal to Cleveland Ohio where I'd pick up a rental car and drive an hour or so to here.

It was a difficult drive up here from Cleveland where they have 6 inches of snow! As we were approaching the airport, the pilot announced that we were in a holding pattern because they needed to clear the ice and snow off the runway before us and several others could land!!!!
By the time we'd landed, I'd got my bag and caught the bus to the outskirts of the airport to the rental car place, it was gone 9 pm.

Eventually, after a lot of faffing with the sat nav (the guy at the rental desk couldn't get it to recognise this address.) I got on my way. (I had directions from Google so it wasn't hypercritical.)

Anyway, I made my way outside to the car and after clearing several inches of snow off it (seriously, it was at least 5 inches deep on top of the car and still coming!) I found he'd fixed me up with a Toyota RAV4 with 4 wheel drive. That will help you he said - 4 wheel drive will stop you slipping and sliding off the road. "Great" I thought.

So - me and a lot of others crawled at walking pace across compacted snow from the car park to the highway, then 20 miles an hour max through the slush and ice on the I-480 (like the M1 - 3 lanes each direction). Fortunately, the road was pretty well lit - although I couldn't see the lane markings properly - so it was OK if I took it steady. Max 35 to 40 mph was the deal!

I was driving straight into the wind and the snow was still pretty heavy for the next 20 miles or so. Then about 30 miles from here, the snow stopped and the roads were mostly clear and dry. There was a light dusting on the car park here but not much at all.

There's no restaurant here but there are eating places across the street. I couldn't be bothered to see if any of them were still open so I got a packet of chocolate chip cookies from a vending machine and a bottle of coke. I had a very full breakfast and lunch was a big smoked meat sandwich and chips so I wasn't particularly hungry.

It's now Saturday morning - I've just had a light "continental" Breakfast (Juice, Danish, bit of fruit, coffee) and the sun is beaming down. It's still cold but I'm going to explore the area in a bit to see what Fremont has to offer. More reports and (hopefully) pics follow!

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