Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Travellers Woes....

Monday, got out of bed at 5 a.m. I'd stayed overnight at Bewleys Hotel Manchester airport - nice room .. see pic.... this meant the Duchess did not have to drive me to Manchester airport at some ungodly hour on Monday morning. (Cos I'm a considerate sort of bloke me you know!)

Then flew Manchester to Amsterdam to Toronto and, 20 hours later, arrived in Sudbury Ontario where it was minus 2 Celsius and there were snow flurries.

Met by my old Sheffield mate (he's also my customer in Sudbury) and had a burger and chips - manna from heaven after eating airline food all day! Then it was back to the hotel to unpack and try to get some kip. When I opened the bag I found it had been ransacked at some security check or other. My gear was all over the place and 4 diaries and pens I was carrying had gone.

Anyway - can't prove who did it - three flights and two airlines involved - but it made me swear just a little.

Did the business in Sudbury and headed back for Toronto - from where I am creating this post. Whilst waiting for the plane, I watched a terrific sunset at Sudbury airport - see the pic which was taken through a scruffy window and does not do it justice!

Then found on arrival at Toronto airport that I'd lost my cell phone so it's been another great day! Managed to call the Duchess from a pay phone - 20 to midnight UK time - but fortunately, she was still up after going to watch Belper v Stocksbridge - and she contacted Orange who have "cancelled" the phone. I have to call them when I get back to sort out what to do next. I sincerely hope that the bloke who said "Things can only get better" knew what he was talking about! I have another week and a bit of travel so there is time for things to improve I suppose!

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