Thursday, 1 January 2009

On a Lighter Note... "Happy New Year!"

Yesterday, we had a very pleasant New Years Eve at a friends house and today, the Duchess and I had a 'New Year's Day drive' out to an area near Sheffield called "Redmires."

We had a short walk around (we don't do long walks like the Smiffys and Penfolds of this world) and I took some pictures in the very frosty conditions.

The Upper reservoir was empty - dunno why - they were working on the wall earlier this year but I thought that was finished- but the Lower dam was full and partly frozen over.

Anyway...... hope you enjoy the following:-

And finally - one goose who wasn't cooked for Christmas!!!

1 comment:

Penfold said...

What nice pictures Kenneth, sir. makes me want to put on the boots and get out there for a walk.