Saturday, 31 January 2009

What you see ain't necessarily what you get!!

If you saw this picture on the Argos website, (priced at a very reasonable £24.49)

Would you assume (as I did) that you get the PS3 Controller with a "built-in" keypad? In the absence of any description to the contrary, I thought that since I needed a second controller for the PS3 which my family bought me for my birthday (I have a wonderful family!) this seemed like the ideal solution cos it's damned difficult trying to surf the net and type web addresses with a joystick and an "X" button!

Whilst I was at work on Friday, the Duchess nipped into Sheffield to pick one up for me. (Told you I had a wonderful family!) When I got home, the picture on the box (admittedly a line drawing) looked remarkably like the picture above.

However, on opening the Fort Knox style packaging, this is what I found:-

It's actually a wireless keyboard which clips on to the controller!

What a swizz!! And it's interesting to note that the same item is in the new Argos catalogue but has a "red flash" saying "Controller not included." Had I known I only got the keypad, I would have bought a standard USB Keyboard from Argos for £4.89!


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